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 eteams statements

  • The "E" in E-Team stands for excellence and entrepreneurship.

  • E Team was designed by Emergency Managers to provide the functionality you need to effectively manage every phase of a crisis. Proven time and again in real life situations such as the California and Arizona wildfires, 2002 Olympics, and New Yorks City’s response to 9/11, E Team is available in Government and Corporate Editions.

  • The e-team functions in the context of the weekly youth group meeting. A survey by George Barna indicated that 9 out of 10 unsaved teens said they would come to church if invited by a friend. Therefore, an invitational youth group based strategy provides the perfect opportunity for the e-team to operate with maximum effectiveness. The entire e-team strategy revolves around a concept called the Prayer-Dare-Share.

  • For those who love Elvis Presley --the King of Rock and Roll!--and swear his memory will never die, “The E Team” delivers. What a delivery and how. You may have seen Elvis shake his hips, curl his lip and mop his brow on stage--but you have never seen him do this. The team members wear rhinestone studded white suits with over 200 electric lights. Add to that a white leather belt, an oversized gold buckle, scarf, sunglasses and huge diamond rings, and you have “The E Team”. Fans go wild! Fans from toddlers to senior citizens clamor for autographs from the team, who sign “The E Team”, then their names.

  • E-Teams are comprised of groups of fans that get together to help expose their favorite artist to friends and fellow music listeners on the web.

  • The eTeam rescues nontaxpayers from the Internal Revenue Service.

  • e-team, a multimedia group based in New York that includes Hajoe Moderegger and Franziska Lamprecht, were residents in 2004. Their project involved the purchase of a plot of land near the town of Montello, Nevada, sixty miles or so from Wendover. They made efforts to improve the land, as they have done on other plots of Western land they have purchased off of ebay. One such "improvement" was a traffic jam, made with a number of vehicles operated by residents from the region.

  • Affiniti eTEAM from Aldon Computer Group is a web-based incident tracking, collaboration, help desk and problem management software system. Created specifically to meet the challenges of creating e-business applications, eTEAM makes it possible to conduct true multi-platform, collaborative development.

  • E-TEAM - Educational Training, Evaluation, Assessment and Measurement

  • This E-Team is working to design and develop a flexible bolt. The bolt can be used for attaching misaligned parts, non-parallel parts, as well as for selective compliance devices.

  • MISSION GOALS: The e-team is dedicated to getting our MBA's and impressing everyone with our skills and leadership.
    Area's of Expertise: The E-Team has expertise in finance, engineering and, of course, e-commerce.

  • eTeam believes in partnering itself in the whole process of the projects, which gives them an edge over other consulting organizations. This has been proven by the efforts, sincerity, dedication and hard work of their consultants in mission critical projects.

  • Through a successful ebay bid in January of 2004, $1975 eteam Dollars turned into 10 Acres of personal US property.

  • In-stock products are ready to ship in bulk quantities in generic cartons and in our own point-of purchase packaged ETEAM brand.

  • Mary and I led an E-TEAM to Russia this summer. When I put all my pictures from that trip on the web, Mary reminded me that I had told you all I'd send you a CD of my pictures after we got back.















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