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running time 77minutes, Stereo. Screening format HD mov file or DCP.


To follow and to be followed. When do we start to follow someone and how do we unfollow. In 2013 we started to follow 2 eBay sellers, which had taken our money without ever sending us the deed we had won, by typing their names and email address into Google's search bar. Google had a lot to say.
For a while we struggled with ethical issues and tried to justify collecting their publicly available data as an equal exchange of the money we had previously paid for information they were providing. In fact, isn't land too, nothing else than a storage of its geographical history?
But what's wrong about collecting data someone is posting publicly? We have nothing to hide so we have nothing to fear. Our private lives are boring and of no one's interest - so we think.
We found their street address in Denver Colorado and boarded a plane to get face-to-face with them. What follows is a spiraling journey through the American West in which the followers slowly become the ones which were followed. Immersed in the pursuit, there weren't any thumbs up or thumbs down buttons, there were no buttons to unfollow, the network they had entered was too tightly woven to escape it. But as long as your presence creates patterns, your motion will be captured, recorded and reported.

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“One of the most terrestrial exchanges between humans – the sale of a plot of land – is the beginning of a bizarre American odyssey when the artist duo eteam buys an acre of the Southwestern desert on eBay. The deed never arrives in the mail, so eteam attempts to track down the phantom seller, a porous Internet characters operating as Larry and Radonna, Eclectic Treasure Collection, or the Barefoot Shaman. A virtual search for them turns actual when eteam travels to confront him in person, children in tow. Their first destination is a suspicious little house in Colorado where no one, thankfully, answers the door. From there the family embarks on a peculiar road trip through the indelible landscape of the American west, with its forlorn chain hotels and abandoned pool patios, over-bright restaurants and otherworldly geological formations. Larry the Barefoot Shaman becomes an allegory for the Information Age, his shadowy digital existence contrasted by the overwhelming physical presence of the Grand Canyon, the Crater Fields, the Painted Desert. In this setting, caught up in a hopeless pursuit, the family feels more acutely foreign and unmoored, guided by ghosts and haunted by cultural associations that are increasingly surreal. At last, they arrive at their single acre of desert. The family camps there for three days, until two Navajo County Sheriffs crash into their obsessive fever dream. Writing up paperwork in their air-conditioned sedan, the officers reduce the family to its informational constitution, while also vividly punctuating Space Delay’s strange post-human Western." - Rebecca Cleman, Distribution Director of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI).



Concept, Writing, Editing

Mara Miranda Ittel & Louis Leopold Lamprecht

Bobby Previte

Quotes by
Heraclitus, Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Bob Dylan, Johannes Kepler

Enrique Maitland

Sound Effects
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