Maintenance of the Dumpster

The dumpster is in need for automatic cleanup's. One approach is the trash Truck Rocket by Relder Waco which would come by every so often to collect the trash to dispose of it using his rocket.
Another approach is an automated decaying process which will decompose the trash over time. This is necessary as we are only allowed to have 937 prims of trash on our land. At least this is the amount allocated to the 4096 sqm we had purchased. One approach for trials of decay was done using a **composter script**:

Vers 2.3 is the currently used version. It has a feature which detects if there is no more decay happening, which was the case in some instances when conflicts with math and internal SL minimum sizes occured.
As we don't know the sizes and properties of the trash being dumped, the script is constantly evolving and reflects current discoveries and problems we encounter when objects don't decay entirely. Some of those discoveries relate to the SL size restrictions and issues of weight.
Objects with weight ( the property “physical” is checked) respond to gravity and drop to the ground. But because the size is directly related to its weight it is not possible to reduce their size. - So they don't decay.
The idea of size and weight leads to an old mathematical problem what is heavier, a ton of feathers or a ton of iron?

This new and updated version gives a 10 second notice before the item is permanently disintegrated and returned to the mass it was created from.
The script now detects if this property is turned on and turns it off, if so.

The next step is to figure out how we can detect the proper permissions in order to be able to apply the decay. If not, Relder Waco will take care of those objects with his trash truck.


Permission setting is too complicated,
just met Lindze Etzel and we tried changing the permissions on some trash she had left. - It didn't work.
Only when we gave her the decay script it worked. So the next step will be to find a way to give the decay script to trash dumpers.


Ok putting something into something seemed easy enough, but it wasn't. We placed the script into an object so it can give the script out of the object. It worked, but it also triggered it's own decaying process. So it will be a single or limited use distributor and maybe that's not so bad as ideally everything on the dumpster will disappear. So here are the new scripts we wrote in order to avoid the self termination of the distributor.
The concept is to put one object into another, so only the outer one will respond directly to the request, but will then send a message to the inner box and pulling the script from there. We'll post a screenshot about this.
Scripts used in the decay dispenser.


New Problems with the decay script. We are up to version 2.1 now as we scripted ourself into a loophole which led to overcrowding of the dumpster. Luckily maybe, as copyachi Adamzyk had left plenty of wood including sound pollution. Some of the wood drifted into our neighbors land and got stuck in their fences. Just as in real life.


Success in the manipulation of trashed objects so they can produce trash just before complete termination. In a way the last breath is exhaled to create something new. The first object, a green mushroom spilled out a pink pig right before it disappeared. This could prove dangerous for the dumpster as if this gets out of control, the process of decay would be followed by a process of creation, therefore reducing the available space for visitors seeking relief from their trash.


As not only the decay was a necessary scripting addition to the functionality (and attraction) of the dumpster, we now figured after hours of recording video, that we need a camera which is able to capture its own operator while it is recording. Something like the self-exposure on photo cameras, or when you put your camera on a tripod, run really quick in front of it and do your acting.
So we found this script by Moriash Moreau which locks the camera into a position from which it can record, independent of any movements.

A great tool but it is similarly difficult as navigating a remote controlled vehicle moving towards you and left is right and right is left…


The offspring concept mentioned on Dec 28th didn't work, only in theory and in preliminary tests did it function. For some inexplicable reasons as soon as it should work in a real-life situation, it doesn't. Why? The only way to test this is to sit and wait the actual amount of time until the object is decayed, as in the simulated short time version it always works fine. So until now we had been waiting, but still there is no over-sized bee or nuclear reactor offspring coming out of a wheel. But again, as we have to find ways to reduce waste, this is just a side project.

Currently the dumpster is being filled up by a variety of visitors, some regularly and some infrequent. Many of them don't drop the decay script on their objects which will eventually lead to problems with the prim numbers.

What is the dumpster?
One of the advantages of the camera men just became apparent today, when Evryonesfriend Dojoji and Josephtd Hobble arrived at the dumpster and had a conversation about their impressions. By chance the conversation took place pretty much in front of Camera Blinker and went like this:

[17:09] Evryonesfriend Dojoji: so whatcha think?
[17:09] Josephtd Hobble: prety cool
[17:10] Evryonesfriend Dojoji: this one has tons of scripts to look at
[17:10] Josephtd Hobble: is this where everything goes when u emty ur trash
[17:10] Evryonesfriend Dojoji: this is where evrything people voluntarily drop and dont destroy goes
[17:10] Evryonesfriend Dojoji: so ya, this is the trash bin of SL
[17:14] Josephtd Hobble shouts: hey a pool table


Relder Waco has been doing some test-runs with a trash ramp while Dunn Bing is investigating bow and arrow techniques. Relder's ramp or elevator is fairly functional already, it lifts objects up and down, so like a trash elevator, when you put an object on it.
Dunn Bing wants to develop a game on or around the dumpster, so maybe a hunt for the trash objects with a bow and arrow would be an idea to inject the decay script into objects.


The transfer of the decay script is a problem and without it we run into space problems.
Many of the visitors and trashers leave their trash uninfected from decay and we assume it is because the system of getting the script is still too complicated or hidden.
We removed the greeting and request every visitor got upon arrival as it always annoys us, too. Whenever you arrive at a new place or freebie palace, the first thing you get is a notecard and greetings and more. It always feels like spam.
Now we are in a similar situation. Our inconspicuous decay script dispensers are drawing too little attention. It doesn't pay off to be too polite when it is necessary to reach as many people as possible. We need to be more aggressive, without being so.
We decided to try something more visual and put a huge screen shot of our trash bin there and recycle some of the dumped objects as decay dispensers to make them more attractive.

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