September 3, 2008

There might be days where nothing new is on the dumpster, or things have already decayed when we arrive. This is the time when we look around more carefully to find hidden things or tiny objects which might otherwise got lost or covered by larger objects.
One of these objects is the moustache which showed up as a “graffiti” a while ago just under the nose of one of the ladies on the “9 piece silk set”.

The description says exactly where the moustache should sit and where it does sit: “to be worn under the nose”.
It still is there and hasn't decayed, because the decay process hasn't been triggered yet. The script is attached, so everyone could start the process. - We haven't done it yet, maybe someone else will, or not. So far it is always a nice rediscovery to see that it is still there.

September 13, 2008

Rexen Gothly had been using the South side of the dumpster to drop off a couple of boxes and a skull. No decay script was attached, so we sent Rexen a message regarding the matter.

September 14, 2008

On the South of the dumpster floating freely in the air Sawa String had dumped a set of “kiss balls”. No decay script was attached to the objects. to find out if they were functional one of us touched one of them, and automatically flew a few feet in the air. There, unobstructed by the laptop box attached to the right hand, the arms formed a circle in front of the upper body, the lower part of the right leg angled up into the air, the eyes closed, the head tilted slightly to the left, then the eyes opened for a brief moment, before they closed again, the head moved back, and the whole motion cycle repeated.

After a few minutes of solo kissing we tried partner kissing.

Once the kiss ball was touched by the kissing partner, the second body moved in the mirrored position of first one's. A few times a knee came out on the other side of the others back, other than that our heads were positioned too far apart from each other to achieve any lip contact.
We looked if the kiss balls offered any instructions on how to adjust for couples of different body heights. The explanation we found focused on emotional rather than practical help: “if you love passionately click here”.

one AV's perspective

another AV's perspective
We have been wondering why both images taken at the exact time show to different positions. This is a disturbing discovery, leaving us wondering how our actions appear in someone else's view.

After taking a few still photographs of the event, we stopped the animation and sent Sawa String a message, that it would be great if could come back and attach the decay script to the kissing balls.

September 15, 2008

Not long after the experience of the kissing balls, we discovered some new objects on the dumpster. Moko Denimore had been there sometime before and left 2 objects in the far northwest corner of the dumpster. The northwest corner is a place we rarely go to as it is crowded with planes which crashed there a while ago and covered with empty boxes. The last addition to this pile were boxes by Sakura Messmer who had left empty boxes indicating that they once contained JL - FairPriceBusinessDress2Jack and JL - WetLook.

Now we found 2 more objects, a box with TRINITY's Second Sweden Clogs and a box called pics 8 both were left by Moko Denimore without applying the decay script. So we did what we always do in this case, sending a reminder and a notecard about the workings of the dumpster.

This brings back our continuous struggle with ways on how we can communicate the application of the decay script. Moko Denimore had dumped the objects right next to one of our decay script dispensers without applying the script.
We had been thinking of giving everyone a greeting and notecard when they arrive at the dumpster, but this is one of the most obnoxious things we had experienced ourselves. It is like getting calls from telemarketers and even if we are thinking of getting a new premium insurance to protect us from the next not yet known disaster, we still want to be able to make our own choices. - Which disaster, which year, which premium, maybe none of those, maybe just take the risk and move higher.

September 16, 2008

One day later things have changed again, Moko Denimore's pics 8 box had disappeared and we noticed some other things of his. A T-Shirt box with the imprint of 2 puppies and some boxes with male shoes.

Strolling around the dumpster we didn't get around noticing many boxes left by blissDK Constantine who had apparently gotten a new wardrobe. But the placement of the boxes led us to the conclusion that this wasn't the casual box dropper. Some of the boxes seemed placed very consciously around other boxes. The usual box dropper leaves the boxes scattered around while trying the content of the newly acquired goods.

When we were about to leave, we looked one more time into the colorful sky and observed a small flying object hovering somewhere midair. The object turned out to be a dumped fairy, similar to the one Relder Waco had problems with a while ago. This time it was Sawa String who had gotten rid of the fairy.

September 19, 2008

After Susi Vacano had sent out an IM to Jager Xeltentant asking him to attach the decay script to his trash he promptly appeared with the authority of a conductor in a local train, who knows what's coming ahead of time and who gets on at which station and will sit in which seat.
Ding dong - “SL Dumpster” ding dong - that's Susi Vacano's station and now she needs her ticket.
Susi Vacano had never had met Jager, but knew his name through the trash items he had left at the dumpster before. When Jager's appearance had manifested it resembled the warrior type: dark, slim clothes, red, wild hair, strong, long tail, sword on back, mask on mouth, red eyes, heavy boots… After Susi had looked at Jager for quite a while, who just stood there, with his busy arm extended, Susi decided to say something.

[19:48] You: Hi
[19:48] Jager Xeltentat: Hi
[19:49] You: how are you?
[19:49] Jager Xeltentat: Okay. I'm adding the script to my trash.
[19:49] You: What's your trash?
[19:49] Jager Xeltentat: A red bull can and the picture frame behind you. I think I left something else here too.
[19:50] You: did you drink the red bull?
[19:50] Jager Xeltentat: Sadly no. Just a weird prop from some vendor.
[19:51] You: when did you leave the stuff here?
[19:51] Jager Xeltentat: I don';t even remember. One of the dumpster Staff reminded me today.
[19:52] You: cool, I work here sometimes… it's always great, when someone comes back and attaches the decay script
[19:52] Jager Xeltentat: I can't believe I forgot. I usually remember to put the script in.

[19:52] You: how often do you dump here?
[19:53] Jager Xeltentat: This would be my fourth time.
[19:53] You: And how do you decide when it's time to throw stuff out?
[19:54] Jager Xeltentat: Whenever GOOD trash needs a creative way to disappear.
[19:55] You: oh, wasn't that you, who threw out the giant NOOB?
[19:55] Jager Xeltentat: Yeah. XD
[19:55] You: That was a great day at the dumpster!
[19:56] Jager Xeltentat: I'd throw out a mini nOOB but it's too full.
[19:56] You: I know, the dumpster is very active, recently…
[19:56] Jager Xeltentat: ANd I can't find the other item I left here. If only the mini map was more helpful in locating items. XD

[19:59] Jager Xeltentat: What do I do if I can't find it?
[19:59] You: what else are you looking for?
[19:59] Jager Xeltentat: Whatever else I left. I'm not exactly sure. Volcano Susi only listed the red bull and frame.
[20:00] You: Do you remember how you dumped the stuff?
[20:00] Jager Xeltentat: It was probably by accident. I'm trying to find it with me camera.
[20:00] You: May be if you remember where you were, we can go there and search around
[20:00] Jager Xeltentat: Otherwise, my items would've died like the BIG NOOB.
[20:01] You: Actually I wanted to ask you… was that strange to attach the decay script to that NOOB?
[20:02] Jager Xeltentat: Not really. I think noob's are usually abused on SL.
[20:02] You: how long are you in SL already?
[20:03] Jager Xeltentat: I think i've only been here since June.

[20:06] Jager Xeltentat: It should be in this spot. Stinky people leaving so many stuff. makes it harder on me. >:0
[20:07] You: wow, first time someone else experiences how much detailed work it is to run this dump:)
[20:08] Jager Xeltentat: Do staff people notify every person that forgets to add the script?
[20:08] You: I think so. And many return and take care of their trash…
[20:09] Jager Xeltentat: How long until staff get rid of things on their own?
[20:09] You: depends how hard staff works. Sometimes the staff is very lazy, or busy with other things…so it can take a while until they notify the owners. And a few things became “landmarks”. The staff got attached to them in a strange way.

[20:12] You: what do you do in SL?
[20:12] Jager Xeltentat: I sit in my apartment like a grouch all day.
[20:12] You: what's a grouch?
[20:12] Jager Xeltentat: Some grumpy moody mean person that's not social. Well, at least that's how I'd define myself.
[20:13] You: I don't think you are unsocial
[20:14] You: do you own your app., or do you rent it?
[20:14] Jager Xeltentat: I rent. I'm too much of a pauper to own land. *scratches head* I cheated by using a scanner to find me trash. Only the frame was named as mine.
[20:14] You: what's a scanner?
[20:15] Jager Xeltentat: This blue band on my forearm. It lists all the items in a range I specify. As well as their owners.
[20:15] You: Wow…what do you usually use it for?
[20:15] Jager Xeltentat: To make sure no dork puts any chat spies in me house.
[20:16] You: But, don't you just sit on your couch? Why would someone chat spy on you?
[20:17] Jager Xeltentat: Maybe they're bored. I can't sit in my apartment without someone checking me out from far away. I usually say, “Peek-A-Boo” and then they leave.
[20:17] You: “Peek a Boo”…I never heard that expression before
[20:18] Jager Xeltentat: I guess to some people it means, “I see you…“
[20:18] You: oh… Why is your knee bloody?

[20:20] Jager Xeltentat: I be kitten peoples. And I guess anti-furries mistake me as one and try to besmirch me.
[20:20] You: is it ok, that I am taking some pictures of your knee and that ring around your arm?
[20:21] Jager Xeltentat: Yeah it's okay. My peerless beauty must be spread to everyone in any way possible!
[20:22] You: I guess, you have to be patient that this kind of beauty spreads. Your outfit is so detailed it slows down my computer. I can hardly move my camera.
[20:22] Jager Xeltentat: Sorry. It's over 400 Prims. ._.
[20:23] You: I figured…Do you buy stuff in SL, or how do you fill your inventory?
[20:24] Jager Xeltentat: Yeah. Just some clothes and only things I'd need. I only take freebies I'd use too.
[20:25] You: what do you need, for example?
[20:25] Jager Xeltentat: Shields, basic weapons, griefer stuff, and uhhh non-NOOB clothes.
[20:25] You: like my outfit… is that very NOOB?
[20:26] Jager Xeltentat: Looks like you try on things you find in this dumpster. xD
[20:26] You: that's right. good thing they don't smell
[20:27] Jager Xeltentat: You guys should like add a script that makes visiting avatars all woozy due to smell.
[20:27] You: but how would you smell it? You wear a mask.
[20:28] Jager Xeltentat: We wouldn't. But our vision would be impaired and avatars would topple over every now and then.
[20:28] You: and then on top of the trash, avatars would be lying around? Too much work, if you ask me.
[20:29] Jager Xeltentat: Well, considering the work ya guys already do, it wouldn't hurt to lag visitors. :p
[20:29] You: why would I wanna lag them?
[20:29] Jager Xeltentat: Make them do some type of work when dumping trash.
[20:30] You: But they already attach the decay script…that's a lot already
[20:31] You: what's that claw on your chest?
[20:32] Jager Xeltentat: It's to fasten me giant ninja star.
[20:33] You: nice. I also like the cross on your tail. that's a pretty unusual spot to display the cross
[20:34] Jager Xeltentat: Yeah, on a tail with skull patterns, no less..
[20:34] You: did you design that yourself?
[20:35] Jager Xeltentat: No. It was bought! I'm still too new to build things and sculpt.

[20:36] You: Jager, it's time for me to go. It was nice meeting you, “the NOOB trasher.”
[20:36] Jager Xeltentat: Same. it was nice to not be smited for my reckless non-script adding.
[20:36] You: I hope there will be more space soon for you to get rid of more trash.
[20:37] Jager Xeltentat: Me too. I think I give up on the hunt.
[20:38] You: don't worry. If we find something, you'll get notified at some point. bye bye
[20:38] Jager Xeltentat: Bye

September 20, 2008

No more Susi Vacano. Confusing the word “avatar” with “under cover agent” - Susi's identity was so disguised that at one point she forgot herself who she was. A call to the Second Life Hotline disclosed, that neither her password, nor her email, nor her mother's maiden name, nor her birthday, nor the street she grew up in could be remembered by the caller, who tried to get her back into Second Life. When the sleepy voice on the other end stated: “none of what you just told me matches any information in Susi Vacano's account” the caller said: “really?” in order to recceive the punishing “yes”. Then both parties hung up. Of course it's embarrassing. But it wouldn't it have been even more embarrassing to have traded a mother's maiden name for getting an avatar back into Second Life?
So very sadly, Susi Vacano fully accepts the punishment for life long imprisonment in First Life. No more Susi Vacano.

September 23, 2008

For us being at the dumpster can be compared at times with being in one's own restaurant. It's a private place that welcomes the public anytime. But, instead of advertising: “Come and eat”, the dumpster says: “Come and feed”, and instead of being full of costumers the dumpster is full of waiters, who serve left over's from the restaurant they worked before. Most of them look handsome when they come and serve their trash, which get's eaten by the decay script.

September 26, 2008

When we arrived at the morning, we first noticed the new trash items that were scattered around the East side of the dumpster. We cataloged the items (a Bubble wand, two sofas, a 4 wheeler and a box with free silly hats in our trash archive). All of them were left by Auggie Scribe. The decay script had already affected all items, except the box of silly hats.
Then, after focusing on the ground, like a pig that is trained to sniff out truffles, we reminded ourselves that there might be things, beside trash! We looked up and noticed that our neighbors had thickened the transparency between our properties with lots of green bushes. Fortunately there still was no real fence that would hinder us from strolling around our neighbor's park-like estate and enjoy the dreamy weather over there. All the trees, the rain, the tender thunder, the sounds of the stream, the bushes and the butterflies… what a different world it is. And what a relief that the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. As a person who works at the dumpster it's the only hope one has:)

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