View from West towards East. In the NorthWest corner of the dumpster one can see (even see through) a big, empty building Hekon Whitfield had dumped earlier. The building structure consists of 27 blocks, which for the most part resembles black toned glass. Unfortunately almost one third of the building protrudes into Tyrian Camilo's land which borders the dumpster on the NW side, prompting and Instant Message from Tyrian, which we receive 2 days later:

[9:56] Tyrian Camilo: SL Dumpster :D. neat, but could you come and move some of the stuff or return to owners, they are coming to neighbouring parcels :O

Tempo Strom takes action, writes to Hekon Whitfield, explains the circumstances, expresses his hopes that Hekon Whitfield will have time to return and attach the decay script. On Sun Feb 3 10:08:55 2008, 9:56am when Tempo Strom logs on, he finds a message in his mail folder. Hekon Whitfield has written back.

[9:56] hekon Whitfield: ok, sorry i thought this will happen automatically :) i put the script on these things now (Saved Sun Feb 3 10:09:14 2008)

Tempo Strom replies 14 minutes after he has read the message.

10:10] Tempo Strom: Thanks for taking care of it. It decays already.

Hekon seems to be online, recceives the message and replies promptly.

[10:12] hekon Whitfield: np, i rezzed a mall and when i saw that some parts where on the dumpster i thought it will crumble by itself. nice script by the way :)
[10:13] Tempo Strom: Thanks for the compliments. I am glad you left some stuff and applied the script.


When we arrived at the dumpster, Jeroentje Jansma was hovering in midair in front of the grey mushroom, that contains the decay script. We spent the first 5 minutes talking about the adornments that were displayed on his body, including a Rolex wrist watch.

Looking closer at the watch, we wondered…A quarter to One. Which time zone is Jeroentje Jansma on? And … does the time on this watch change, or is it always a quarter to one? We did not ask, because we already had asked about the jump tracker in great detail.

According to Jeroentje Jansma the jump tracker counts all jumps he does, while at the same time is dividing them into “good” jumps and “bad” jumps. Good jumps are the ones with a safe landing. If he so far has done a total of 3946, from which 3471 are good ones, he truly is a Master Skydiver.

A little further into the conversation we ask the routine question:

[15:48] You: how did you get here?
[15:48] Jeroentje Jansma: I am looking for a place to put our stuff which we don't use anymore. But I'm looking for a dumpster not a decay. We think about putting one at our land
[15:48] You: what is the difference?
[15:49] Jeroentje Jansma: here it will be gone in 3 days, deleted, in dumpsters it stays
[15:49] You: but why would you put the stuff on a dumpster then? Isn't that the purpose of the dumpster, that you get rid of it?
[15:50] Jeroentje Jansma: yeah, but others can take it out. it will not be deleted
[15:50] You: so, it's more like a trading place…
[15:52] Jeroentje Jansma: like I understood, yes. you can dumpster dive and get something, or put your things in it, you don't want
[15:52] You: but, what, if no one wants the stuff in there… it gets more and more and more…
[15:53] Jeroentje Jansma: I don't know for sure how it works, but here it is rezzed, you can see it, in the dumpster not. maybe that is the difference

[15:54] Jeroentje Jansma: hmm, I shall dress a little, still wearing my clothes from the beach
[15:54] You: cool….
[15:54] Jeroentje Jansma: owwh, here is my gf

[15:54] Kitania Writer: Hello
[15:54] You: hi
[15:54] Jeroentje Jansma: /kiss kitania
[15:54] Jeroentje gives Kitania a big kiss.

Then they both redress. After he is finished Jeroentje is wearing some black and grey army style camouflage pants and a tight black long sleeve T-Shirt on which is printed: JUST PRETEND. Kitania Writer shortens her T-Shirt on all ends. It now looks more like a winter sports bra. Then Kitania leaves.
Before Jeroentje Jansma follows her, he gives us a “transfer 1” folder. He explains that it is filled with trash and that we might be able to use it. He also promises to come back to let us know, how it goes with his version of a dumpster.


Creepy Aeon arrived for the first time on the dumpster and surprised us with a game of paintball.


Because we went on a trip, Relder Waco had looked after the dumpster for the past week. When we returned today, it was obvious that he had done a perfect job. There were enough things decaying to call the site a dumpster. The biggest among the objects was a very tall dead tree with a tree house in it's crown.
We hope, we'll run into Relder later today to get a more detailed report what, if anything, has happened during our absence.

the dead looking tree that supports the tree house seems to be at least 80m tall.

An inflatable boat with engine, made out of 17 prims, created by Garth FairChang and dumped by Relder Waco. Because the state of decay while taking this image is already 6.746362% (only 6.7% is left of the original object), one wonders when the air in the gray plastic tubes will start to escape.

“The ski rider. Land rover. No hill it can't climb!” and white Angel wings…both objects dumped by Relder Waco

The black leather sofa (in front of the banana plant) seems to be a staple for the garbage machine in Fearzom. At least once a week someone dumps a copy of this sofa. It would be interesting to know, how many copies of the LC2 Le Corbusier Sofa do exist world wide, in real life, and in Second Life?
On the left side of the picture in the foreground one can see “Angel Blade - the most kick ass weapon you can buy”, originally created by juicysquid Omeg, consisting of 12 primitives. It was dumped by Relder Waco.

The black Lamborghini (20 Primitives) had been left for decay by Whooter Walwort - the vehicle trasher.


The dead tree partically decayed.


It all started as it always does. We arrive at the dumpster and new objects are there.

Today there weren't only new objects, but active visitors and dumpers, too. First there was only an object by Lucca Hotshot sitting in one corner, a large box with the standard plywood texture. While we observed it, we noticed an object flying around, looking like a phone booth or, as it turned out, a police box.

when we approached them with our standard “Hi, insert name here”, they weren't very communicative, but then at least talked to each other. Unfortunately in a language we weren't familiar with. So below is the transcript for someone else to translate.

[12:11] You: Hi josh101
[12:11] josh101 Allen: sorri i dunt mean to dont stress
[12:11] josh101 Allen: hi
[12:11] You: that's ok
[12:12] josh101 Allen: no im not talking to u
[12:12] josh101 Allen: lol
[12:12] josh101 Allen: u av a funny head
[12:12] You: thanks
[12:12] You: can't see very well so
[12:12] Lucca Hotshot: i need tardis textures
[12:12] Lucca Hotshot: brb
[12:12] josh101 Allen: kk
[12:12] Lucca Hotshot: lmao
[12:12] josh101 Allen: elliot r u my m8 still
[12:13] Lucca Hotshot: yea
[12:13] Lucca Hotshot: why
[12:13] josh101 Allen: kk jw
[12:13] Lucca Hotshot: your my best friend josh
[12:13] josh101 Allen: kk lol

While they had fun, or better they lol'd a lot, josh101 Allen erected houses so that only our heads stuck out. It wasn't clear if he was practicing or just making some more lol. In the meantime Vixyn Felisimo showed up on the dumpster and was almost as unapproachable as josh101 before. No, in fact worse. There was no response at all, just a blank stare. Assuming that Vixyn was sleeping and dreaming, we left and returned when we noticed that she had started dropping objects, just to remind her to apply the decay script. - Still no response. - Why, we don't know, but we did our best to communicate.
[13:31] You: Hi Vixyn
[13:31] You: did you make the box?
[13:32] You: Hi Vixyn if you want to leave your objects here, please attach the decay script before you leave, Thanks.

Vixyn Felisimo, the fox lady, did not talk but left 8 Bazi Tea cups, a potted plant and a pink box that contained 500 Animations.

Unfortunately she did not attach the decay script to any of the objects, so wrote her an Instant message and checked out her profile, which said:
Vixyn is a shapeshifter and guardian with alliances to Daemynn Felisimo and all who are dear to her. Although her normal forms are snow wolf and human, she tells people she is a were-fox because the alternative species is … inaccurate!

The Potted Statice are created by Alberto Linden, one of the Linden Employees.

Close up of one of the Bazi Tea Cups.


On the second day of his second life GrimReaper Riek (born Feb.17,2008) visited the dumpster site to probably decide on the haircut of his new wig.

It would be interesting to know with which hairstyle he left…Mens Spiked, Anime Hair or Male Charcoal Hair.


The machine which Relder Waco had built and fine-tuned over the last month seems to be fully functional now. Originally the device was supposed to be a traditional conveyor belt displaying a busy trash flow from one corner of the dump to another, creating a continues loop and a conversation piece simultaniously.
Looking at the constant, horizontal flow of objects in front of his eyes (trees, cars, houses, boxes, signs, a lamp, a dog, a black sofa…) an avatar could for example have made a comparison, if moving trash is more appealing than trash just lying still on the ground?“
We could have speculated: “Do you think it is interesting to watch trash doing it's rounds on the conveyor belt?”
Dumpster divers whom we could have shown the attraction, could have said: “I like the conveyor belt, I like how it's moving.”, whereupon we could have gone further in suggesting, or asking if the belt had the potential to make them think of it as a long flat coffin, or if it rather reminded them of an overloaded garbage barge on a black river, that gets constantly sent up and downstream, because there is no space available to dump the garbage. To get further into that, we could have walked upstream to the pulley on the one end (or beginning) and pointed out, may be in an urging tone, that this was the end on that end, that the pulley was a buoy, a signal to do a 180 degree turn, the hint to rewind and to recycle that old fashioned looking sofa.
Or, we could have said that there was no need to invent the wheel again, that every sofa is a casket anyway, or at least carries a hidden coffin in itself, most obviously the black Le Corbusier ones…
Of course these thoughts were (probably needlessly) forced upon the idea of the conveyor afterwards.
About 5 weeks ago, when Relder Waco and Tempo Strom talked about the trash conveyor for the first time, they did not discuss any details. One of them just said: “How about a conveyor belt?”, and the other said: “good idea” and then Relder developed the “trash mover”.
So, how does it work?
As a sample you could take a perfect sphere that preferably already carries the latest version of the decay script and displays a “carrot texture”. Make the sphere “physical” (so that gravity forces pull it down) and drop it on to the conveyor belt, which is actually not a belt, but a platform.
Touch the yellow button at the pusher. Automatically the pusher will move forward and shove the object until the end of the platform where it drops into a trap.
Touch the “trap door”, which automatically will push the object upward until the end of the steep ramp that leads into free fall. The object will follow gravity and depending on what it hits first, bounce up and down a couple of times until all accelerating, moving, pulling and frictional forces are defeated and the objects resumes day in stillness.

carrot sphere on platform

after the horizontal pusher has done it's job, the carrot sphere is in the trap area

the carrot sphere seconds before “free fall”

the carrot sphere next to a pile of decaying trash that has also been dropped from the ramp, including an inflatable boat with engine, a campfire, a gas lamp, a laptop and a pda1 and the black sofa.


view of the dumpster at night

Relder Waco added signage to the conveyor belt machine. Now it's much easier to use it.

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