October 15, 2008

The payoff for being forced to download the latest version of SL in order to visit the dumpster again, was that the light was different. While the sun was rising an additional layer of red morning light intensified the moment. We flew up into the air, and looked towards East, where for the first time the sun was reflected not only in the sea, but in the waves of the sea, meaning it was moving and sparkling.
Below us on the ground new trash was lying around, with the West side of the dumpster being the most heavily used area. The dumpster was full, there was no way to even dump one more prim. Even though the objects were discarded by a variety of trashers none of them had applied the decay script. We wondered why, took pictures of the items, sent “decay reminders” to the owners, and cataloged them into the trash archive. Then, with help of one of the posing balls that were flying around we got comfy, and then tired and then we fell asleep and started dreaming.

October 28, 2008

A teacher and his students visited the dumpster as part of a class room trip. After a brief introduction and virtually signing an agreement to podcast the upcoming experience, everyone spread out to look around and try out things.

Until he predominantly got caught up in correcting his typing mistakes, the instructor kept the conversation successfully educational, asking questions about virtual trash and dumpster life in general.

Obviously used to multi-tasking one of the student avatars managed to get stuck in a box. He tried to get out, but couldn't do it and therefore started running around like a wild animal announcing: “I am going crazy”. Another female avatar tried on a regular hat with a giant brim. When she got to close to someone else the other person's head got stuck in the brim.

While the teacher asked more questions, which Tempo Strom answered, the “gesticulation phase” gained attraction in the back rows. Everyone tried the list of available gestures and engaged in recognizable body movements, such as sending blow kisses, clapping, yawning, and bowing. Someone employed an older sounding male voice and called out: “get lost” 3 times in a row. A younger male voice started laughing out loud, a female avatar repeated mimicking gulping down beverages that were made out of air and served in transparent containers. Then someone started kicking around the beach ball. That was fun for 2 seconds. After thinking to himself: “what now?” Lothar Apfelbaum installed a big fire in the middle of the group and then retreated back into his role of taking some snapshots.

In the midst of these activities Whooter Walworth became generous. Without further explanation he gave everyone present $10 Linden Dollars. A wave of “Tahnk you” or “cool”, or “that's nice” comments lined up in the chatting box.
Then, one of the student avatars, who obviously kept a connection to what was happening in real life announced: “the bell rings”. Within 15 seconds everyone was gone. Bling, bling, bling, bling, bling, bling, bling, bling. Lothar Apfelbaum looked at Whooter Walworth who looked at Tempo Strom, who suggested an exercise in group coordination. The three of us should line up in a row and march lock-step towards “Nicole”, one of the pretty faced lingerie boxes lying around at the dumpster resisting decay since a while. We lined up, Tempo counted until three and then we walked forward towards Nicole, who waited for us, smiling her pretty smile.

October 31, 2008

Went to the dumpster, took a picture of the pumpkin Relder Waco had left a couple of days ago and then did some interesting reading by Jody Baker here:

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