The history of the SL Dumpster

The dumpster was conceived to be maintained and open for a period of one year. It opened on November 5th 2007 and was scheduled to close on November 8th 2008. Now this year has passed and we accumulated as much trash as we could. Most of it decayed, some is still is at the site.

The dumpster will be open for a couple more month in secondlife before it will close entirely. There still is a lot of trash out there and we keep on getting new trash everyday. It is much easier now, than it was in the beginning when no one knew about it and we had difficulties advertising its service. Now it is almost running by itself. Almost, as it is constantly nearly filled to capacity, since many still dump their trash without applying the decay script. So from time to time we are there, still doing what we have been doing for the past year. Sorting trash, looking at our findings, notifying the owners of objects of their responsibility to apply the decay script and chatting with the occasional visitor.

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