July 5,2008

This is Linden Lab's video tutorial about how to deal with trash.

Emptying your Trash - Second Life Video TuTORial QUICKTIP

July 13,2008

Crabs, many of them arrived at the dumpster today. They floated in the air above the dumpster like pigeons or more like ballons. The kind which comes in the shape of animals and is sold on fairs.

The ocean is not very far away from where the dumpster is located, so it could be that all the crab emerged from there.

July 29,2008

A society in which consumption has to be artificially stimulated in order to keep production going is a society founded on trash and waste, and such a society is a house built upon sand.

Dorothy L. Sayers, from “Why Work?” 1942, from: “Gone tomorrow, The hidden Life of Garbage”, by Heather Rogers

It's been a while since we checked on the dumpster. Everything works automatically now. What could go wrong? If the dumpster is full, no new trash can be discarded. Avatars will have to wait until older stuff has decayed completely. Then they can dump more. In comparison to many real life garbage pits and piles, this one has a limit.

Below are some samples of new trash we found.

Leifert Oh had left 5 office chairs. Three of them were named “Style 3” (the red ones), one “Style 4” (the brown one) and one of them “Style 5” (the grey one with wheels). The decay script was attached to all of them. Positioned in front of the decay dispenser wall that loops an inventory screen shot around itself, the chairs decomposed in silence.

Next to the chairs, Leifert Oh had positioned some smaller castoff's that also were in the process of decaying.

name: Stop All Animations (unDeform Mod)

Glass of Margarita

Then there was an arrow. When we noticed it, it was black. When we touched it to see, if the decay script was attached, the following window popped up:

We clicked “yes”.

We chose “purple”

Then we chose “green”.

After we had gone trhough all the other colors, we moved on. Behind a big red wall, Rolando Ember from the group“fuck it all” and “local hooligans” had dumped 10 beer bottles: “Lagweiser Beer ~The choice of the SL-”.

They not only looked identical, they also pointed into the same direction. Even on a public dump chaos by default seems impossible. One has to make an effort to be “random”.

Parsnip Banufong from a group called: Vicious Wasteland and *Dream Life* had dumped the “EGT “SDG-1” Digital Graffiti” console, which had been on the dumpster multiple times before. The decay script was not attached, so we sent an IM to Parsnip.

Jolly Wisent had dropped a Gold Spike Collar consiting of 7 primitives. The decay script was not attached.

She also had dumped a cowboy hat, consisting of 3 primitives.

Unfortunately it's impossible, may be also needless, to document each individual trash object with pictures and descriptions.

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