March4, 2008

Bettina Tizzy left a strange looking object. Not a hat, not a bowl, not a pot…the description said: Fishing Trophy -1 by Madcow Cosmos. Bettina had attached the decay script. Currently there are only 3 percent of decay time left, so the fishing trophy will be gone any moment.

March5, 2008

Most of the trash that is left on the dumpster by other avatars are boxes that contain fashion items, clothing, hairstyles, etc. Avatars, who probably don't own or have access to land where they can unpack their boxes use the dumpster site to “place” the boxes, open them and check or try out their content. What's usually left after doing so is the packaging (the boxes).

In some other world, the United States for example, statistics say that about one-third of all the trash that's thrown away is packaging material. It's hard to come up with a reliable number for Second Life but judging from what has been left at our dumpster, we would come up with a similar percentage.

March6, 2008

Today our neighbors to the East who had changed their lot from a mall to mountain ranges, went down under and the sea came into sight. So for one day the dumpster site turned into a shore property.

March7, 2008

Plurabelle Posthorn, who belongs to the group of Art Gallery Owners and lists as a web reference had been to the dump and trashed a lot of art. Actually, “trashed” might be the wrong term. It felt more like Plurabelle had put her “garbage on display”. We made this assumption after we found a rotating “announcement” which Plurabelle had positioned close to Relder Waco’s conveyer belt. The box said: “new exhibition is under construction”. Now contextualized, our way of looking at Plurabelle’s trash was further guided by the fact that her trash objects were called “sculpture” instead of “teacup”, or “painting” instead of “backpack”. And Plurabelle Posthorn belonged to a group of “gallery owners”. And, her trash was probably super expensive. We checked, but no. Every single object was available for Zero Linden Dollars and free to copy. “Mmmhhh”. That was unexpected. We took a copy of each object and contemplated if we had added an art collection to our inventory or just more trash. Then we sent Plurabelle an Instant Message. We thanked her for her garbage and asked if she could come back to attach the decay script to her objects, so they could undergo decomposition.
Then we took a self-guided tour.

announcement for an unintentional show

“tippende spider” - a six prim object with a German/English half breed title (typing spider), is placed in the air where it rotates. Three of the six, flat legs continuously jerk back and forth in scripted spasms. The creature does not remind us of a typing spider, but of a dying spider who hangs on an invisible gibbet, endlessly repeating the final seconds.

“atollrockblueflexiblesculpture” - hovers in midair but moves like the skeletal remains of marine organisms that are in the process of entering petrification.

“cubistic window with an ordinary carrot growing in it”, effectively placed in front of a dark blue cube, which is full with trash. Tempo Strom had originally put the blue trash cube there as a kind of “reward box” for dumpster divers who come to the dump looking for treasures.

“sculpt prim painting 01”- Viewed from the front the painting looks like an abstract painting. It displays a gray shaded triangular form on a yellow background. Viewed from the side, the “painted form” in the center of the painting sticks out of the canvas…so may be the painting is not a two dimensional painting but a three dimensional sculpture. Or it's a hybrid.

side view of the painting

“dishwash”- Stacks of identical looking half translucent “plates” are placed next to an accumulation of identical looking wood pieces. About three months ago Theechapel Pastorelli had dropped these wood pieces as “toxic waste”. Since then they seem to have a a hard time to decay.

“two-prim sculpture” - the metallic looking texture in the vertical disc moves slowly and mysteriously

“Simone de Beauvoir in concrete” - a monumental head sculpture that looked more like a man with a mustache than the images of the female French philosopher.
We wondered if the mustache was a comment on Beauvoir's writings on women's oppression, bad craftsmanship or an optical trick. To investigate we dragged out our own (new) copy of the head sculpture and turned it around. When the head stood up straight it became clear that the mustache actually was the boldly sculpted upper lip.

Side view of the copied and rotated head sculpture that seems to conceal similarities to Simone de Beauvoir photographic portrait a bit more.

“amphora, untextured” - it's already night when we take a picture of the last trashed object. After doing some research on wikipedia it turns out that the amphora pictured above misses it's two handles in order to really be an amphora.
The word amphora is Latin, derived from the Greek amphoreus (αμφορεύς), a compound word combining amphi- (“on both sides”, “twain”) plus phoreus (“carrier”), from pherein (“to carry”), referring to the vessel's two carrying handles on opposite sides.

March13, 2008

The dumpster is relatively empty at the moment. 796 out of 937 prims are used, 141 are available. Plurabelle Posthorn has not returned yet to attach the script. The art pieces she left during her last visit are still unchanged.
There is a new trash item. It's right next to the “snake on the branch” that lies around the dumpster since 3 months as if it was a pack of sterilized, homogenized, Vitamin D enriched milk in a supermarket with an expiration that's beyond anything natural. We step closer to examine the “How To Use the YOU ROCK STAR TP Station” box.

In the middle of the box (one could probably also say “inside” the box, if the box would have a bottom and a top, which it hasn't….) sits a cone on the ground. It's almost hidden from eye level. In order to examine it closer one has to either remove the four wrapper walls or fly up to look in. We fly up a bit.

From above the cone looks like it was built on a very flat beach during recreation time. Once finished the creator wanted to preserve it. He put his beach towel gently over it and went to a hardware store that happened to be not far from the beach. There he bought a two component substance which was called “liquid glass”. He found an old ice cream cup with a plastic spoon in a trash bin nearby and went back to the beach. He cleaned cup and spoon in the ocean and mixed the two parts of the liquid resin in it. Then he poured the toxic substance over the sand cone. Once the resin came in contact with some of the minerals in the sand various chemical reactions started to color certain layers orange, neon green and red. The cone man waited about an hour until the cone was dry and then took it home. He gave it to his wife as a present. She put it onto the window sill. That was two years ago. About six months ago the cone man lost his job. It was hard to find a regular one, so he experimented with alternatives. A friend told him about the Rock Star TP Station and it's potential to generate some income and that he knew someone who sold his old kit. A week later the cone man got the kit for $30. Generally the station was in good shape. Only the black plastic box that supported the TP station wheel was broken. The previous owner, who had tried to fix it with clear plastic tape, had done a bad job. The cone man decided to get rid of the black box completely. He looked around of what he could use instead. The sand cone could work. He took it from the window sill, went to the garage and carefully drilled a hole into the cone's center. Then, he put some glue into the hole, inserted the wheel stand and waited for the whole thing to dry. After he was finsihed, he felt pleased with what he had done. He showed the improvement to his wife. She liked it too. He then tried to put the TP station to work. He spent two nights, stayed up until 2am. It was hard. People he approached liked the idea but did not have time to try it out. A life music playing rock star wanted to charge a fee for being on his TP station Radar list. Whatever. He hadn't really expected to work anyway. The cone was cool though. After sitting in the living room for almost two months his wife put the TP station into the garage. Soon after she sold it at a yard sale for $2.

Probably the cone man story is only one out of 1000000000 possibilities that are available to explain why the TP Station looks this way. It was also possible that, instead of on a beach in Second Life, the cone was generated in the real world by a computer that sits with a thousand other computers on a farm in China, where it is forced by algorithms to produce 200 different colored cones per hour in a barn that has no air conditioning. It's easy to find out the explanations. One just can google and exchange a few words and facts to make it fit.

“Oh, really a cone is made out of a cone?”
“And what is the cone made of?”
“The cone comes as a cone. It's a primitive. One of the basic building blocks.”
“No way. A French Frie does not come as a French Frie either. It's a potato first.”
“But there is no “First” in Second Life. That's why it's called Second Life.”
“Oh, now I get it.”

Well, of course we do not get it. And it does not help to picture endless rows of Zero's and One's. We look at the TP station again, focus on what is there, available, accessible. White, free floating letters that throw a modest shadow into the nothingness behind them talk to us: UROCKSTAR WELCOME TO LIVE MUSIC »> click to choose destination «<
We are close to click, but then remind ourselves that we are in the garbage business, that we don' teleport to find entertainment, but pay $25 a month for the dumpster site so that garbage comes to us. Accordingly, we check if the owner of the “You Rock Star TP Post” has attached the decay script. He or she has not. We write a personal message to the owner. We say: “personal message” because every time we type this message (every time the same message with just the typing errors in different areas of the words) we write it from scratch (no copy and paste) - to make it personal.

[10:55] Lothar Apfelbaum: Hello Fefe, greetings from the SL Dumpster. Thanks for leaving some trash here (blue/yellow music box). Unfortunately you forgot to attach the decay script. Could you come back and do so? We sent you a note card on how to do it. Thanks, the dumpster crew.

Jefe is “inworld” and responds promptly.

[10:56] Jefe Jameson: yea .. sorry . i was just messin around .. and wasnt aware.. of what ya got goin on there..i am tied up but can try and retrace my steps and do that … can yo just delete it?
[10:57] Lothar Apfelbaum: I could just delete it…but that's not the point of the dumpster.
[10:58] Jefe Jameson: what was the point..??? i thought i could go dumpster diving for stuff ..
[10:58] Jefe Jameson: ????
[10:58] Lothar Apfelbaum: …I am totally blanking on “what's the point?” sorry, but yes… you can dumpster dive …
[10:59] Jefe Jameson: hmm.. tx .. i will try and get back to it
[10:59] Lothar Apfelbaum: no rush…it's just a better feeling if you leave stuff at the dumpster to make sure, it decays…this way it will never get back to you…. …like when you throw a body in the river … you pour concrete in their rubber boots, so they won't show up again…“

The great advantage of using “IM” is, that first you “see” what you are going to say. We therefore delete the last part of the message and hit “send”. While waiting if Jefe will respond again… we go through the list of reasons for why Jefe will probably remain silent.
- He said he is “tied up”.
- Trash does not interest him.
- His computer crashed.
- Someone else sent him an IM to which he responds right now.
- It bored him that it took us forever to answer his question with “I am totally blanking…”.
And he is right. The dump can be boring at times. Who cares about this stuff and if it decays or not? What is the “point of the dumpster” again?
We try to remind ourselves: It's not about this or that trash. It's about the potential that lies in the dumpster. Currently 141 prims are available. That's a lot of possibilities. Someone, anybody from anywhere in the world, could spontaneously come by and trash 141 beach balls, or a medieval castle, an over-sized ketchup bottle. A pilot could crash a helicopter into the dump. Naturally we would assume that this is how pilots dump their helicopters. Years later, we would find out, that this was an accident, a scripting error, that the helicopter was on a mission, which never got completed and therefore had such and such consequences.
Jefe does not have anything else to say. There is no point in waiting any longer.
We walk East and look over the our property edge into our neighbors lot, where, after almost four weeks of complete emptiness in this direction, we see … a new bungalow in the distance.

We fly over.

The bungalow looks like a typical beach bungalow. It's simple. It has a palm tree in the corner of it's little yard which is protected by a green fence. The bungalow belongs to Klaus Delagdo. There is a box on the entrance that says that you can “Rent this beautiful house on the hillside with a ocean view. L$350/week - 175 prims.” The beautiful house looks inviting. We could may be use it as a little dumpster getaway. It would be nice place for naps during dumpster shifts. We check Klaus Delagdo's profile again. He is the “owner of gallery O.D.” and belongs to some of the same group Plurabelle Posthorn, one of the last avatars who dumped trash belongs to. That is either a coincidence, or…Plurabelle and Klaus know each other, came together into this area and while Klaus was building the bungalows, Plurabelle flew around and discovered the dumpster…
We teleport to Klaus's gallery and arrive in a space that looks empty. White walls, a wooden floor, a door. The situation feels very plain, until suddenly the “images” on the walls start building up around us. It's always so strange with teleporting. One travels so fast that one arrives at a place, before even the place is there.
It takes about one minute until we get the full picture.

First we see low resolution shapes. All the images in the gallery are squares of the same size. They are neatly placed in a perfect grid, in rows of three that emphasize the “space in between”. All are created by Eric Linden, a “Member of the Linden Department of Public works”. (we wonder if Eric did that in his free time as a hobby, or if this is part of his job at Linden Lab. We would have liked to ask him but his profile states: “I'm trapped near the inner core of the fault, and can't respond to IM…”)
Once the low resolution squares (blurry pictures) turn into high resolution squares (pictures in focus) we see scenes that could be the cover art for last minute vacation packages… “Tuscany Road”, “Cape Cod Mill”, “Carmel Day”, “Field Study II”, “La Sera I”, “Sunny beach”. Meadows, small pathways into nature, trees with apples, wooden huts with water wheels. Then there are variations of the sky. “Together at Sundown”, “Sunset”, “Sunrise”, “Reflections”, “Transition I”. While our brain is numbed by the pure beauty of the represented skies, our eyes start inserting the things that must have been either deliberately avoided or erased by Eric Linden when creating these images: power lines with birds on them, shadows of nearby buildings with chimneys, trees with leaves, trees without leaves, trees with plastic bags in them, raindrops, clouds, planes, condensation trails, horses, friends in bikinis, beer bottles…
“He could have put a butterfly in.”
“Why a butterfly?”
“A butterfly never hurt anyone anywhere.”
“That’s not true.”
“Remember, the chaos theory when the butterfly flaps it’s wings and creates a small change in the atmosphere on one side of the world and then this causes a chain of events that lead into something really big on the other side. Like a tornado for example.”

We are tired. We want to go to sleep. We turn around stare at the sculpture that sits on a pedestal in the middle of the gallery. It looks like a bracelet for a huge woman with a gigantic wrist.

The sculpture is made of a long thin tube that loops 3.5 times around an invisible radius. It's unclear what material the tube resembles, but the color fades from light blue over brown into dark orange. It's name is “Spiral Seeker”.
“At what point does a loop turn into a spiral?”
“I don’t know.”
“One loop is a loop. But are two loops considered to be a loop, or are two loops a spiral?”
“On what?”
“If the loops are stretched or tight. If they decrease in radius…”

We check the object information to find out more. But as always the information box reveals not much, besides the fact that all the works in the gallery are created by Eric Linden and owned by Ja Cuddihy, who is “on SL to find out about herself and always happy to meet with interesting people from all walks of life.”
Too bad Ja Cuddihy is not in attendance at the gallery otherwise we could have asked her about the spiral.

March15, 2008

When we arrived at the dumpster it had turned into a different place. Plurabelle Posthorn had been back. Not only had she attached the decay script to the objects she had dumped a week ago, she had unloaded a new round. And then there was other trash by other avatars who's name we did not recognize. Every new object had the decay script attached. The dumpster machine was feeding and eating itself. We walked around for a while and took pictures of evidence. Here are a few of them.

Name: FREEBIE!!! Ivy lattice with pink butterflies
Creator: Poppet McGimsey
Owner: Corcosman Voo

Name: Horse2 (Sculpt Prom Example)
Creator: DonPain Babenco
Owner: Plurabelle Posthorn
The grey thing to the left was a wildly animated organism, called: paper dancer sluk - d. It was created and owned by Plurabelle Posthorn.

Name: Skullpty1 (Sculpt Prim Example)
Creator: Locke Cardway
The painting in the background is called: “Peace at rest” by Zann Canto. It's also dumped by Plurabelle Posthorn.
Owner: Plurabelle Posthorn

Name: Skullpty2 (Sculpt Prim Example)
Creator: Locke Cardway
Owner: Plurabelle Posthorn

Name: blue bonfire - d
Description: dumped
Creator: John Linden
Owner: Plurabelle Posthorn
In the foreground is a poster. Name: poster for Gallery urEN lUREN 1.
Description: with landmark
Creator: Plurabelle Posthorn
Owner: Plurabelle Posthorn

not clearly identified pile of trash

Name: Cherry Asturias
Creator: John Linden
Owner: gallace Ecksol

March22, 2008

It's hard to keep up with all the developments on the dumpster. We are running into more and more time problems. Still, we are trying to keep track of some of what's happening.

Someone named Corcosman Voo had left a 7 prim object named “junk” in the SE corner of the dumpster. He or she had attached the decay script. We felt glad, to have seen the “junk” before it was gone. Then, we checked Corcosman's profile. Under “interests” was listed: “Picking up freebies, putting freebies in Trash, emptying Trash.” If that's true, Corcosman would be the perfect candidate to take over the dumpster once we retire. Hopefully, one day we'll run into each other, so we can make that proposition.

After taking a picture of the “junk” we walked over to the SE corner, where we discovered that Vesrak Slade had dumped (or posted) as sign named “I voted Democrat”.

Then we discovered the mustache. It was pasted on top of a woman's face that was pictured on a box that featured “Top in Black + String” . The box had been there since a while. It had been dumped by Jaroslaw Beattie who had not attached the decay script. Now, an avatar called Tore Tenk had left the “mustache” right in front of the woman's face, under the nose. It consisted of four primitives and had the decay script attached. Since it was a really small object, it would be gone soon, so we felt very lucky to have witnessed graffiti that felt appropriate to SL.

Then, we walked over to the South Side looked at some packaging again.

It's always nice to look at packaging.

March23, 2008

Today Tempo Strom arrived at the dump with the intention to do a clean up tour. Some decay-resistent objects needed to be removed and returned to their original owners in order to provide space for new trash. Most of them had been around long enough to turn themselves into annoyances (“that stupid skirt, still here”) or landmarks, to which we often referred to as points of orientation (“ Someone dropped a cow in front of the billboards”). While on deleting duty, Tempo was wondering why certain objects had turned themselves into appreciated pieces of trash, others into disregarded ones. Why did he like the billboards with the eyes so much?

About six weeks ago Ande Criss had placed six of those billboards on the ground almost in the middle of the dumpster. Ande had never returned to attach the decay script, so the billboards never changed in their appearance or in their placement on the dump site. Today Tempo Strom had come to the dumpster to delete them all, but suddenly he couldn't. He knew he felt attached to the eyes, but until now he didn't know how much. He liked looking at them, because they did not look right back at him. They just looked at the dump. They were open and friendly and never seem to be judgmental, or bored, or excited. They just looked at what was going on at the dumpster, so Tempo Strom felt reassured that it made sense to spend a lot of his time to look at what was going on at the dumpster. If these eyes did it, he could do it too. So for now, he decided to only delete four out of the six billboards. He kept the one with the green and the blue contact lenses.

Then he read a quote by Vilem Flusser:
“Instead of representing the world, images obscure it until human beings’ lives finally become a function of the images they create.”

March26, 2008

After our arrival, the first thing that caught our attention was a new heap of packaging materials, that was dumped close to the gray mushroom dispenser in the NW area. We checked the info on the items. WolfAngel Destiny had dropped about 25 boxes, presents (boxes with bows) and gift bags (boxes with two handles). Only one of the items had the decay script attached so we sent WolfAngel an Instant Message, explaining the decay issue. Then we went ahead and checked on the individual items and started to compile a list of what we found. Below are the names the boxes go by as well as a snapshot of what the boxes contain. Unfortunately none of the items was open to copy, otherwise we could have worn it and shown pictures of how those items look on an avatar.

- tm altar cream pent square

- books of shadows


- Female Clothes 1

- Female Clothes 2

- Female Clothes 3
- Free Panties and Thongs

- A gift to say Thanks for Visiting Silver Oak Hollow

- Free Plants

- Free Furniture

- Freebie Flying Ghost with Sound

- Bunny Creek Free Gift For Girls 1

- Pentacle box“ (there were 5 copies of that box right next to each other)

- Dagostino - Woman Snake

- [Grimalkin Apothecary] Inspiration Bottles

Just before we were about to finish documenting the content of the boxes WolfAngel Destiny appeared on site. She - barefoot, blond, belly button exposed (appeared in form of a female avatar) had obviously gotten our Instant Message regarding her dumped boxes and the missing decay script. Immediately after we spotted her we flew close, positioned ourselves in front of her and said: “HI”. Without any sign of response WolfAngel ran us over, walked to her trash heap and started deleting boxes. We stepped back, watched and let her do her thing.

WolfAngel was very fast in deleting boxes. Above the once she left, the decay script appeared.

After a while we tried again to communicate.

[18:35] You: hey, thanks for coming back…
[18:36] WolfAngel Destiny: no problem…didnt' know really what to do lol
[18:36] You: you don't have to delete the boxes…just attach the decay script if it's possible
[18:37] WolfAngel Destiny: script won't attach
[18:37] You: oh, that's too bad. how did you find the dumpster?
[18:38] WolfAngel Destiny: search for trash can lol
[18:38] You: why did you search for trash can?
[18:39] WolfAngel Destiny: looking for a kitchen trash can lol
[18:39] You: ah…that's interesting
[18:39] WolfAngel Destiny: lol yep
[18:40] You: I am into trash matters… so can i ask…where would you bring the trash, once the kitchen trash bin is full? how would you empty it?
[18:40] WolfAngel Destiny: not sure lol
[18:40] You: did you need a kitchen trash bin?
[18:40] WolfAngel Destiny: yes. i found metal cans
[18:41] You: oh, and you wanted to put those into the regular trash bin? don't you recycle???…:)
[18:41] WolfAngel Destiny: it was more for looks only. but i got a kitchen with trash compactor
[18:42] You: really? how does that work?
[18:42] WolfAngel Destiny: it doesn't. just for looks
[18:43] You: if it would work what would you throw into it?
[18:43] WolfAngel Destiny: nothing lol
[18:43] You: really, you have nothing in your inventory you would like to get rid off?
[18:44] WolfAngel Destiny: no just the boxes
[18:44] You: right, they are like packaging. Do you buy a lot of stuff?
[18:44] WolfAngel Destiny: yes and i get some free stuff. too many clothes … going get rid of some them
[18:45] You: what do you buy mostly…clothes or furniture…?
[18:45] WolfAngel Destiny: both. My house is all done now.
[18:45] You: how many rooms do you have in your house?
[18:45] WolfAngel Destiny: 3 floors, i put in 2 bathrooms.
[18:46] You: do you take showers?
[18:46] WolfAngel Destiny: yes lol. it's fun
[18:47] You: do you brush your teeth?
[18:47] WolfAngel Destiny: hmmmm didn't think of that. i'll have look for a tooth brush
[18:47] You: do you brush your hair?
[18:47] WolfAngel Destiny: yes i have a hair brush

Wolfangel typing
[18:47] You: wow!!! And, now, since your house is done…what do you do now?
[18:48] WolfAngel Destiny: not sure lol…..looking for cottage to decorate
[18:49] You: did you have a concept when you decorated your house, or did you just put in stuff you liked?
[18:49] WolfAngel Destiny: hmmmm i try to pick things i'd like in a real house. it was fun…
[18:50] You: I would do that too…I guess. Do you live alone in your house?
[18:50] WolfAngel Destiny: yes
[18:50] You: do you have friends over sometimes?
[18:50] WolfAngel Destiny: yes i do friends over and i have a pet wolf.
[18:50] You: where is the pet wolf now?
[18:51] WolfAngel Destiny: home. not allowed to most lands. he walks the island
[18:51] You: really? Why? Is he dangerous?
[18:51] WolfAngel Destiny: no she's nice
[18:51] You: so, why is she not allowed to most lands?
[18:52] WolfAngel Destiny: u can't load prims in some places
[18:52] You: oh, I see
[18:52] WolfAngel Destiny: i can attach her to me but that's all. looks silly lol
[18:53] You: why? You could wear her as a fur coat.
[18:53] WolfAngel Destiny: lol
[18:53] You: I once had a dead deer stuck through my belly. I thought it looked interesting
[18:53] WolfAngel Destiny: oh my lol. Nice to meet you but i need to get going …. u take care
[18:54] You: hey, thanks for the chat. Say Hi to the wolf.

Suddenly WolfAngel was gone, dissolved into air within a second. We probably would never see her again. We turned around to finish our work - documenting the content of the boxes WolfAngel had left when we realized, that the work was done. Where it was possible, WolfAngel had attached the decay script to the boxes. All others were deleted. “Oh”, we thought. “We are left with nothing”. It took a moment, but then it made sense that we had documented the boxes and their contents earlier. Otherwise we would never know, what variety of eyes could be found in the ALL EYES box, for example. Secondly, if it would not have taken us so long to catalog this heap of trash we would not have been around to meet WolfAngel. We would have never found out that she brushed her hair but not her teeth, that she searched for kitchen trash bins, even though had nothing to throw away, that she had a pet wolf and a trash compactor in her kitchen. Meeting WolfAngel was like a reward. For the first time it felt like we had met a real avatar who led a completely regular Second Life. We felt lucky.

March28, 2008

[19:07] Relder Waco: Hi how goes it
[19:07] You: Hey, very good. I was hopeing I would run into you. Long time no see.
[19:08] Relder Waco: yup been getting on earlier for a while
[19:08] You: We did not have a real dumpster routine for a while. Were acting more like hobby dumpers.
[19:08] Relder Waco: :}
[19:08] You: anything new around here?
[19:09] Relder Waco: na, just a butterfly i put on the plants
[19:09] You: oh, where?
[19:09] Relder Waco: beside you by the load platform
[19:10] You: oh, that's sweet
[19:10] Relder Waco: I left Temop a vistor counter - did he get it?
[19:10] You: yes he did, I think. Did you see any people around here recently?
[19:11] Relder Waco: there was 10 between the time i was on last night till i got here today. That is in a 50m radius from my counter under the conveyer
[19:11] You: wow, that's a lot of people…have you talked to anyone?
[19:12] Relder Waco: no. They have not been here while i was.
[19:13] You: you are meditating?
[19:13] Relder Waco: kinda - just relaxing :}
[19:13] You: looks like it
[19:13] Relder Waco: you want the anim?
[19:13] You: sure
[19:14] Relder Waco gave you floating-meditation.

[19:14] You: ok, that works
[19:15] Relder Waco: got a bout 60 different ones the other day

[19:15] You: have you tried them all?
[19:15] Relder Waco: na not all
[19:15] You: this one is nice

[19:16] Relder Waco: I like it
[19:16] You: did you get the picture of the dumpster “copy” we built in the studio?
[19:16] Relder Waco: no
[19:16] You: really? I was wondering why you did not say anything about it…
[19:17] Relder Waco: hummm when did you send it?

[19:17] You: may be a week ago
[19:18] Relder Waco: hummmm nope - or unless - it was under some thing other than eteam
[19:18] You: I'll send it again tonight
[19:18] Relder Waco: ok kool
[19:18] You: we tried to build a snapshot of the dumpster in real life
[19:19] Relder Waco: that must have been fun
[19:19] You: it was kind of a mess
[19:19] Relder Waco: :}
[19:19] You: we had 4 projectors, 2 flat screen TV's, little monitors, laptops…and a lot of trash. You were of course part of it.
[19:20] Relder Waco: kool
[19:20] You: Do you know many people who do SL?
[19:21] Relder Waco: no not in person - have met a few around SL - I joined a script group - that knows just about every script there is
[19:22] You: that sounds great. Have they tried your conveyer belt yet?
[19:22] Relder Waco: not sure - i did get some help on parts of it
[19:23] You: what are the other scripters working on?
[19:24] Relder Waco: all kind of things - there are about 1000 members - if you need help with a script some one knows how to do it.
[19:24] You: cool.
[19:25] Relder Waco: That is how i found out how to set the conveyer to group response There is a script libary - let me give ou the lm
[19:25] You: ok

[19:26] Relder Waco gave you sl free script library, Nimnam (184, 39, 601).

[19:26] You: thank you. I don't have anything to offer you…cause there is just not much new stuff in my inventory. I did not get around at all.
[19:27] Relder Waco: np that is ok - here is a place you may like - got bunch new stuff my self

[19:27] Relder Waco gave you Yadni s Junkyard - Newbie Paradi, Leda (210, 28).

[19:28] You: have you met our new neighbors yet?
[19:28] Relder Waco: no have not seen anyone yet - no one has been there
[19:28] You: me not either…I wonder who would rent those apartments
[19:29] Relder Waco: looks like slum lard places to me :}
[19:29] Relder Waco: lord
[19:29] You: true:)
[19:30] Relder Waco: almost got me some land - got out bid at the last min - it was on a mt top
[19:30] You: really… Where was the mountain?
[19:31] Relder Waco: hummmmm some where - dont remember the section - it was 1064 sqm. Plenty for me.
[19:32] You: what will you do with the land once you get it?
[19:32] Relder Waco: build some kind of gothic castle i think - and may be sell some art ect. Or just use it as a place to store all my junk…haha… my inv is over run
[19:34] You: so, throw some junk here… right now the dumpster is pretty empty. 195 prims are available.
[19:34] Relder Waco: hummm ok - i think i have some :}

[19:42] You: The junk looks much better when it falls down from the conveyer. Tempo uses it all the time, when he dumps junk.

[19:43] Relder Waco: ok
[19:46] You: wow, what is this?

[19:47] Relder Waco: my farie = it does all sorts of things - have not got it programed all the way yet
[19:47] You: did you built her?
[19:47] Relder Waco: no - got the basic - then you program her to do things [19:48] You: like what?
[19:48] Relder Waco: talk - also if i want to she will follow you or whoever i tell her to - still working on that part of the script
[19:49] You: that's so cool
[19:49] Fairy: That sounds cold?
[19:49] You: does she have a name?

[19:50] Relder Waco: not yet. Have not set her personality, so no mane yet…working on a script that will talk on key words from any one around - it will be a 3 part random saying
[19:51] You: ah, I see. Like when I say “hello” she says “hello” or something like that
[19:52] Relder Waco: got 10 key words so far but have not got all the answers yet
[19:52] You: what are the key words?
[19:53] Relder Waco: let me see if i have any scripted yet
[19:56] Relder Waco: ok i do have a few already
[19:56] You: one sec…
[19:57] Relder Waco: fairy
[19:57] Fairy: That's me!
[19:58] Relder Waco: lol
[19:58] Fairy: lol.

[19:58] Relder Waco: lol
[19:58] Fairy: Was that funny??
[19:58] Relder Waco: wish
[19:58] Fairy: You have SL. What more could you wish for?
[19:59] You: hey fairy
[19:59] Fairy: hey Susi Vacano :)
[20:00] You: fairy you are smart
[20:00] Fairy: That's me!
[20:00] You: lol
[20:00] Fairy: hehe. funny
[20:00] Relder Waco: akf
[20:00] You: What means akf?
[20:00] Relder Waco: afk
[20:00] Fairy: Huh. Ignore me then !
[20:01] Relder Waco: cute
[20:01] Fairy: Your cute
[20:01] Relder Waco: cool
[20:01] Fairy: Your cool
[20:01] Relder Waco: cool
[20:01] Fairy: Your cool
[20:02] Relder Waco: that is all for now got to finish the rest - fairy
[20:02] Fairy: What's up?
[20:02] You: hihi
[20:02] Relder Waco: wish
[20:02] Fairy: I wish I could grant a wish ;)

[20:03] You: I really like how that huntress decays you put there

[20:03] Relder Waco: yes
[20:03] You: when did you put her there?
[20:03] Relder Waco: hummm 2 days ago or was it 3
[20:03] You: nice

[20:03] Fairy: I am nice
[20:04] You: that's true fairy
[20:04] Fairy: What's up?
[20:04] You: not much
[20:05] Relder Waco: /find susi
[20:05] Fairy: I'm sorry, I can't find susi :(
[20:05] Relder Waco: /find Susi Vacano
[20:05] Fairy whispers: I will find Susi Vacano ;)
[20:06] Relder Waco: she will follow you now till i call her
[20:06] You: let's see
[20:08] Relder Waco: humm she came back
[20:08] You: nice of her.
[20:08] Fairy: That's nice
[20:08] You: I think I have to go…I am super tired
[20:09] Relder Waco: yup me also been a long day here
[20:09] Fairy: It's a lovely day!
[20:09] You: see you soon
[20:09] Relder Waco: later
[20:09] You: I'll send you the image
[20:09] Relder Waco: ok kool

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