Some Trashed Objects

Below is a collection of various trashed objects we found on the dumpster. Most of these objects have been dropped off while no one was around. This lead to problems with the decay, some have disappeared in the meantime, while others are still to be found somewhere on the dumpster site. The scales are not in proportion, so some items are large and others are tiny and hard to find.

CheezeJet, nVidia backpack Way & Dances

Dunn Bing is currently the greatest contributor to the dumpster, not only leaving many objects (Absolut vodka, Glasshouse/Greenhouse, ISLAND RUM, *Drinks* Elite Rum & Coke, Phobos Hoverbike, PENIS Hoverbike, Front Driver Wheel, C-Tech F2050 anti grav ship, Solop Dance Machine, …) decaying, but also constantly experimenting and creating new things.

Entertainment Center

This in fact was an entire set of what looked like it could be a marble toned entertainment center.

Giftboxes & Snowflakes

What is missing in the description are the 2 snowflakes next to the gift box. We found 2 more of those next to some other items Victoria had left on the dumpster.

Moonlight Ocean Picture

One of the few or almost only decorative picture left on the dumpster so far.

Cap & Stick

Canadensis had left some more objects all over the dumpster, 2 small sticks were among those items and we just stumbled across them by chance. But he had left a message on the dumpster's answering machine letting us know about their existence

Clothing & Crown

Lillith must have arrived around the same time as Victoria did and got rid of some boxes full of dresses, a crown and the moonlight image.


These items were dropped by Victoria Goodnight who had also dropped off some Giftboxes in another corner.

Money Making Game

One day we arrived and found 7 of those game machines, you click and pay and maybe you win. Most likely you will loose, but the owner of the land would get a percentage of the money spent. That's at least the information which was given to us from the person who trashed the machines. They soon disappeared as everything else on the dump without anyone having played them.

Height detecting nuts

At one occasion we arrived at the dumpster and met Timecop Ginsberg who was exploring the site and was already pulling objects out of her inventory to leave at the dumpster. Her objects were height detectors, lamps and a lot of mushrooms which looked like they were actually decaying after she had applied the decay script.

Noise Wood


youpy Zenovka and copyachi Adamzyk had left the largest amount of one single item on the dumpster. Using single wood beams, they had manually built a tall structure which reached high up in the air before the pieces started drifting away.

Adidas shoebox

This box with ADIDAS shoes was left by Jacky Faulkes.

cylinder with texture

This object had a nice texture, but didn't reveal its purpose besides sitting there in midair.

Hats, engines and vehicles

Jes Schmooz like Timecop Ginsberg was one of the more “generous” dumpster donors. She had left a variety of objects from cars and motorcycles to rockets, engines and hats.

Pose stand

Lindze Etzel left a pose stand she had first used to work on her appearance.

High altitude flare

venedi Palen had left flare objects high up in the air at an altitude of 456m. These flares could only be accessed by a “home-made” elevator which works by creating an object, sitting on it and changing its position to the desired altitude. The max legal altitude is 500m. Thanks to Relder Waco for this tip.

Christmas Trees

Pomer Pau could almost been considered a regular at the dumpster as he left many glowing and rotating christmas trees to decay.

Chair, boogie car & bouncing rock

One of the most frequent visitors and active dumpers is Whooter Walwort who already has left many objects ranging from all kinds of transportation vehicles like buses, trucks, motorcycles, sky riders, bouncing rocks to a dog sledge and chairs.

hippie bandana, men sheeer crew neck & Bud

Jax Coeyman trashed these 3 items on Jan 9th. The cocktail drink on the far right was labeled as Budweiser. The decay script was only applied to the hippie bandana.

Pook bag & Manche Lindy (Gauche)

Names of objects are confusing. Katherina Kanto left something which looked like 3 white Tennis balls, but was named “Manche Lindy (Gauche)”. The other object, which was just called object, looked more like a “Manche” or bracelet. The Ddecay script wasn't applied to any of them.

Pool table

Enzi Raymaker returned the following day to look for his objects and to dispose some more of the 30k objects accumulated inside Enzi's inventory.

PINK Long Gown, Forbidden Planet, A Ghost says, Visitor Counter's, Tip Jar's, Silly Vendor

More objects by Enzi Raymaker, 3 different tip jars, at least 3 visitor recorders, a photograph the Coronation of Elizabeth 11, Sparkle n' Smile Box, Pink Weird Flower, Boota 8D (looks like a mouse), Pinkadilly with Free Jewelry, Xmas Lights !! FINISHED.


Left on Jan 9th without the decay script.

Anime Hair

The object with the largest amount of prims dropped at the dumpster (103 prims) was this hairy object. It is not large in size (fits average sized heads) but large in numbers. No script attached, IM was sent to notify owner about the lack thereof.

Strawberry christmas cake

The Strawberry christmas cake was left by ebiii Mayo on January 9th 2007. It was one of the first items which were left by their actual creators. Most of the other items were left by the current owner of the object.

Misty House

A large house was abandoned and left for decay by Dunn Bing on Jan 11th 2008.

Tank v0.6

Dumped on Jan 11th 2008 by Pit Marksman, no decay script.

Best Said in Black, .25 Posing Stand and Free Flexi Clothes

On one of her frequent return visitsKatharina Kanto left a pose stand and a bag full of secrets on the dumpster. These items were taken away on the next visit.

Furry Female Head

Left by Blakkia Zerbino on Jan 17th together with SarahEve Burger. The eyes of the bunny head are blinking, but no decay script applied.

Halloween Mask & Trash Bag

The mask is what looks like a speech bubble and the trash bag included flies flying around it. While Blakkia Zerbino & SarahEve Burger dumped their items, they had the following conversation right next to Camera Camel.
[14:57] Blakkia Zerbino: XD
[14:58] SarahEve Burger: about 3 days it says
[14:58] SarahEve Burger: depending on size
[14:58] SarahEve Burger: i think itll be funny tho
[14:58] SarahEve Burger: ill check back tommorow
[14:58] Blakkia Zerbino: come on lets go to liquid ice now
[14:59] SarahEve Burger: k

women shapes in a box, C4 DENTELLE ROUGE, C3 Animal Silks, C1 Tie Dye Silk, Ankle Band

Zelph Halcali left these objects throughout the dumpster, the ankle band must have fallen out as it was lying next to the box with the silk ties. The image on the boxes was only on one side and this side was facing outwards, so it can only be seen from outside the dump. No script applied.


ebiii Mayo returned with a frappe which decayed really fast.

Valentina - Pink Boxed, Flexified Pinkie Blouse and Pant

Left by Pheobe Beattie

5 objects

Sometime on Jan 17th 2008 X89rt Blackburn must have arrived and left 5 of the default objects on the dump. - No script.


MystressAnna Lovenkraft dumped this machine on January 18th and briefly demonstrated how to ride it. Lying on the large wheel the avatar is turned around and dipped in the oil. At least that was the explanation we got when she jumped off the wheel right before it went down with her.

Linden Dollar

by Joseph Quinnell. - When we told Dunn Bing about the bill, she said something about money trees where you can go and pick up some money if you are less than 30 days old. We did not know this before, but if someone else has found out about this, please feel free to add some more money to the dumpster.


Katie26 Adamczyk danced around the dumpster with ADAMA Kawashima and left or better, lost, some items on the dump. One of the items was a full popcorn package and the other items were almost invisible.

Free Tristar Gift - Leather/master/Slave

by Deago Ninetails. More and more boxes left by shoppers are left on the dump. Most of the boxes are missing the decay script, when the owner doesn't respond to one of our IM's we will have to delete those boxes when prim space becomes an issue.

Top In Black & NICOLE Shape and Skin

left by Jaroslaw Beattie. One of the mysteries of SL is the name relationship. Earlier Pheobe Beattie had already dumped boxes full of Valentina - Pink Boxed, Flexified Pinkie Blouse and Pant…

Sculpted Snake
UFO Ver. 2.0C - Black with Rotating ring
NW-001 Fighter Jet & Hobo Junk Wagon v2.5

left by New Wind. New Wind had left 2 planes and one truck, all of those happily decayed for a couple of days until they disappeared to where they were created from.

Eyes 1, 2 and 3 & Agents Secret Short PINK!

Many box of eyes were left by Ande Criss whom we had seen running around on the dumpster before. Still no script was applied.

::: B@R ::: Check Yukata

Big box left by Steele Loring near Camera Blinker on the SW side of the dumpster.

Forerunner Stargate 0.9.7 Beta & !Blazed.PRIMZ(full perms)10alt & Anvil Dropper

The objects left by Frost McDonnell were so close to the neighbor that they actually went into someone elses property and led to the first complaints.
[10:14] You: Hello Frost, you left some objects on SL dumpster, but forgot to apply the decay script.
[10:14] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[10:15] You: please return to do so otherwise we have to delete them and they will return to your inventory.
[10:15] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Object (southwest corner, size approx 10x10x4m)

Lucca Hotshot first left this object, but then returned later and picked it up again. So it is not clear if it was dumped, temporarily placed or just forgotten.

police box

When Lucca Hotshot removed his object he replaced it with this police box. We still had to send him another IM reminding him of the decay script.

Dance Effect Orb bola dance fashion

left by Shine Marksman on Feb 12 with the script applied to the object.

Plant - Potted Sanseveria, 500 Animations (BOX), Bazi Tea, Flowers - Potted Statice, "Feather My Nest" Promotional Birdhouse with Sound

Vixyn Felisimo wasn't very responsive when we met her on the dumpster, but when we sent her an IM, she returned to apply the decays script and transferred ownership of the objects she couldn't do so.

FreeSkins & Pearl

Left by Nahasa Singh.


This big building (built of 27 blocks) extended over to neighbors on the west It had 20x20x.5 perfect straight floors and was erected by hekon Whitfield. he later returned and applied the decay script to each individual piece of the mall.

Alpine Castle Skybox (1m)

Al Supercharge, born 11/06/2006 who's profiles says: “SL Scripter and Oracle SQL specialist” left an Alpine Castle at the SW corner of the dumpster. Unfortunately no decay script was attached, so we'll send him an IM.
The Castle, built out of 64 primitives is identical on all 4 of it's sides. There are 4 tower like column structures in each corner. They are connected with each other through backed up walls that each contain to goth style windows. As the granite texture of the wall suggests, there is no way into the castle. Not through the missing door, not through the stained glass windows windows, nor through the massive wall. The only way to access the castle is by flying above it in order to land on the roof, an architectural element which works great as a visitor's platform. Once up there, it's hard to say, why exactly it feels more satisfying looking at the dumpster vista from the elevated castle roof, than from a just plain flight position, but it does. May be it's the roof's walls that frame the image right. Or just the plain fact, that castles, by default have a great view.

UPDATE (march9,2008) After we had sent him an IM asking to return and attach the decay script, Al Supercharge did…the castle is gone by now.
Al had returned the following note:
[10:36] Al Supercharge: (Saved Sat Mar 8 00:10:17 2008) sorry it should be decaying now - cute idea

Particle Example2

left by Deviant Epsilon on March 7, 2008
There are about 1-2 red “bubbles” per second emitted from the source, which is a tiny box that lies on the ground. The “bubbles” fly in all directions and “expire” after about 12-15 seconds. So if these observations are correct, at every moment there are between 15 and 27 red bubbles in the air … enabling the “emitter” to have a permanent appearance on the dump, where the individual parts don't live longer than 15 seconds.


left by Holly009 Carver
description of the object: Holymoly 162,218,21

Black Streak Bike Improved

After packaging (boxes) vehicles (motorbikes, planes, cars, sailboats, blimps…) seem to be the second most trashed category of objects. Since there is not really a huge amount of public space, where avatars can test and drive their vehicles, it makes sense that they do it at the dumpster and just leave them there, once they are done.

Tudor Throne Chair

Description: A Simple Medieval Throne style chair made of Oak. Made by Jai Nomad.

was left on March 9, 2008 by gallace Ecksol

Dolphin Beach Towel

was left on March 9, 2008 by gallace Ecksol

Flower High Heels with Bling/se

Democrat Sign


suspended in free air, “caught” approaching an invisible target at the dump, no decay script attached, when “touched” the bullet emmits 5 clouds of gray smoke

Red Violet Satin Dress

Walking Stick with Caledon Color

Sexy Girl Rock blau

It's interesting to see how very often a mix of languages is used in the individual item descriptions. “Sexy Girl Rock blau” might mean to an English speaking person: That's the rock a sexy girl sits on. Or, there is a typo in “blau” and it's supposed to be “blab” and the item description should read: “Sexy Girl Rock blab”, a rock that talks about sexy girls… If you speak German the description reads very simple: “Rock” translates into “Skirt” and “blau” into “blue”. But doesn't the skirt looks like a really heavy rock anyway? It would be intriguing to know if Xanadusue, who states in her profile that she comes from the UK and speaks “English only” thought that this was a wearable rock, or if it was clear to her, that this was a skirt.

black sexy dancer outfit

How can you dress more less?

Ladies Shoes V1 White

GuRL 6 Felicity Everything 60 Pa

Free Jelwelry and Shoes

rolled up newspaper

The rolled up newspaper looked more like a rolled up comic strip. It has the shape of a funnel and is slowly moving in the anticipated or excisting wind. No decay script was attached when we found the newspaper, so we wrote an IM to the owner and are currently waiting for response

black heart shaped elegant dress

a lump of coal

From the point of position the lump of coal was seen first (as shown in the picture) it looked like a stain or mistake on the advertisement for the elegant black dress. It was only by coincidence that we discovered that the “A lump of coal” was a free floating object in itself, that looked from one side like a flat circle, from the other like the abdomen of a honey bee.

Miley Stewart Avatar



The object left by Pomer Pau slowly rotates around it's tip, but has no decay script attached. It's function is unclear.

Cloak Upper

Cloak Hood

Straw Hat


Colored Capris - Full Perms

Two identical boxes were dropped by Sinnocent Deligh. No decay script attached.

Chantilly Lace

Two identical boxes were dropped by Sinnocent Deligh. No decay script attached.


Three of those columns were discarde by ConductorX Nieuport. None of them had the decay script attached.

Tiny Town Airplane

Decay Script attached.

Sunset Quilted Chair

Ziggy Quirk had made and discarded this Sunset Quilted Chair the cushion. The decay script was attached and probably attacked the the cushion, since this was the part that seemed most deformed by now.

Snow Rocket

The simple looking white rocket emitted snow-stars in short, irregular intervals. Since the last owner, Silverthorn Kurna had not attached the decay script, we contacted him via IM. He returned right away. When he tried to activate the decay script, the rocket took off into space (a much faster way to get rid of trash). He tried again with a second copy of the rocket and produced the same result. He then gave us a copy of the rocket. After we deleted all original scripts and sounds that came with the spaceship, the decay script could be attached and activated without any problems.

Horse Head

A day later, when parts of the snow rocket were decayed already, we discovered that Silverthorn had marked his return to the dumpster with a trashed horse head. The decay script was attached.

Old Television

gallace Ecksol is not an unfamiliar name at the dumpster. Gallace had dumped many things before and always attached the decay script. Why this old TV, with the green flickering screen had no decay script attached was unclear. Every time we passed by one could sense the soothing energy the screen sent out to the rest of the dump. As closer one got to the TV screen, as more the unstoppable flow of shades of green intensified.


One wonders, if Bronty Maddox had purposely dumped his wedding bubbles packaging material, so that the snake, which lies around on the dumpster since a long time, would get a fun little house it could half way hide in, or if the placement was done without even looking or thinking about it.

B.P.S. Tester 1.3

A few steps away Bronty Maddox had discarded another box, called B.P.S. Tester 1.3. There was no clear indication, or description what the box contained.


Tempo Strom had gotten rid of a book, which probably was impossible to read. The decay script was activated.

Sculptie Silver Balloon

Tempo Strom had left the Silver Balloon on the West side of the Dumpster really close to the border of the property. No decay script was attached. The balloon was stiff like stone.

Mity Nice vegetables

Description: if you say so…

DarkStarr Nitely had left this can of vegetables on the ground without attaching the decay script.

Dr. Lyna's Hair Tonic

DarkStarr Nitely had dumped this box of hair tonic, which was hovering mid air not too far away from the can of vegetables, he had discarded. The Description for the box read: “also good for the skin, and waxy floor buildup.” One wonders…


Since he is “creator” and “owner” all one can assume is, that kb Nadezda tried to build something. His attempt started with “a cube”, that by default comes with a plywood texture. He changed the size of the default cube and rotated it. If he did not know how to go further, if he got interrupted, or if that's all he wanted to do, is hard to find out now. The box did not have a name, a description, or the decay script attached.


{{objects:object_grey2.jpg?nolink| A pedestal and two bowls, may be part of a dysfunctional fountain were left by Darko Revnik. No decay script was attached to all three of them.

Corn on the Cob

Despite being a vegetable, the corn on the cob, which Kelci Georgia had left on the ground, did not rot. No decay script was attached.

Red Bull

Similar in size to the object, was a can of Red Bull which Jager Xeltentat had dumped. It looked like it had been opened. The content was missing. But, the Red Bull can was not the only object where that was the case.

frame - Oak square

In close proximity to the empty red Bull can Jager Xeltentat had also freed his inventory of a picture frame, made out of wood.


Besides the crown EaChiLib Beerbaum had left many boxes filled with textures and a Gondola oar at the Dumpster. The decay script wasn't attached to any of the objects. When we sent her an IM explaining the matter and a Notecard on how to do it, she declined the inventory offer.

Gondola Oar

left by EaChiLib Beerbaum, no decay script attached


one of many boxes filled with texture left by EaChiLib Beerbaum. No decay script was attached to any of the items trashed.

evil boxes

Eight boxes in a row, trashed by EaChiLib Beerbaum who did not attach the decay script to any of her objects. The names of the boxes are listed from dark to light: “evil wall”, “evil trims”, “evil lights”, “evil floor”, “evil gate”, “evil fx”, “evil textures”.

happy holidays snowman!

After his last trash items “snow rocket” and “horse head” were decayed completely without leaving any traces Silverthorn Karu had been back to get rid of a snowman in the same corner he had dumped before. (His girlfriend AramasJuliet Luminos had built the snowman from scratch while they both together were visiting the dumpster for the first time). The decay script was attached. Silverthorn had also left a book. (see below)

Big Book of Knowledge - Clothes

left by Silverthorn Karu. Decay script not attached. Sent IM explaining the matter. It wasn't easy to get under the book in order to find out what was written in it, but here is a snapshot.

Bubble Wand

A really magic item discarded by Auggie Scribe on the East side of the dump-site. The half translucent bubbles glimmer and glitter in the air and an endless stream of them comes out of a little metallic stick that lies on the ground. Decay script attached.

Cheetah Love Seat and Cheetah Love Seat 1

discarded by Auggie Scribe on the East side of the dump-site. Decay script attached.

4 Wheeler

dumped on the South side of the dumpster by Auggie Scribe. Decay script attached.

Free silly hats

The box with hats was left half way between the sofas and the 4 Wheeler. it was the only trash object, to which Auggie Scribe had not attached the decay script yet.

Aaron's Starter Car

dumped by Noob Skytower, no decay script attached

lead guitar stompbox

dumped by Noob Skytower, no decay script attached

Black Streak Bike Improved

dumped by Noob Skytower, no decay script attached

RF Wheel

dumped by Noob Skytower, no decay script attached

Bag of Doritos

dumped by Noob Skytower, no decay script attached


Ala Palianta had not only left one of the default building blocks but many. As generic as they come, all covered in a plywood texture, they hovered in the air waiting for the deay script to relieve them from their state of limbo.

rolled up newspapper

left by Phantom Udimo, no decay script attached
(he came back later and did attach decay script)

BOB - Battery Operated Boyfriend and Aretis's Pink Strap-On*

left by Phantom Udimo, no decay script attached
(he returned later, but could not modify the objects, so he just deleted both)

Dildo blue

dumped by SkyLyn Gothly, no decay script attached

White Satin Couch

dumped by SkyLyn Gothly, no decay script attached

Christmas Tree Skirt 1

dumped by SkyLyn Gothly, no decay script attached

Soft Cock

dumped by SkyLyn Gothly, no decay script attached

Obama Hope Poster - S Fairey and Obama for President Poster

tow days after election day, Luluk Zenovka dumped campaign materials. No decay script attached

boxed HEART BREAK RELIEF Free Prim Tears

discarded by Luluk Zenovka, no decay script attached

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