Jan.3,2008 8:00 p.m.

It was dark when we arrived at the dumpster. Whooter Walworth had been back again, had left more objects (mostly vehicles), and had applied the decay script. He also left a personal note: “Thanks for the Dumpster. I have so much in my Inventory now. Things people give me. The Dumpster is fun for me to go and see what they all are…:) I lost a bouncing Rock Somewhere..ha ha ha….sure it will turn up somewhere eventually ha ha ha….” Someone else was using the dumpster on a regular basis.

Here are some images of the stuff Whooter discarded:

an upside-down UPS truck

a basic chair

a trash truck

a ridable dog sledge with a dog

A sky rider.
In the foreground is one of the sparkling sticks that were left at the dump from a party that Tempo Strom and Relder Waco had a couple of nights ago.

Jan.3,2008 10:00 p.m.

Later that day, when it was already night again the second time, we met Dunn Bing.

[18:47] You: hi
[18:47] Dunn Bing: hey…. this is just…….crazy^^..
[18:47] You: really, why?
[18:48] Dunn Bing: way too much weird things here :D
[18:48] You: really? It's just stuff from freebie places.
[18:48] Dunn Bing: meaning i can take everything i see?
[18:48] You: yes, please go ahead! And leave stuff you don't need anymore.
[18:49] Dunn Bing: you are the owner?
[18:49] You: no, I just work here.
[18:50] Dunn Bing: and all these things are working? Like those hairs in the sky over there^^. I saw ppl paying lot of money for hair
[18:51] You: Well, all the stuff is decaying. If you wear that hair, it's going to grow short instead of long.
[18:51] Dunn Bing: your fooling me?
[18:51] You: Why should I?
[18:51] Dunn Bing: i start feeling comfortable here :D
[18:51] You: please do!
[18:52] Dunn Bing: how many of you are working here?
[18:52] You: 3-4 daily. The garbage business is intense labor.
[18:53] Dunn Bing: and how many ppl pass by daily?
[18:54] You: 5…10? I don't know.

Relder Waco appears

[18:53] You: This is Relder Walco. He is developing a trash truck rocket
[18:53] Relder Waco: hiya's
[18:53] Dunn Bing: hey there. What is a trash truck rocket for, if I am allowed to ask..
[18:53] Relder Waco: to collect trash around SL
[18:54] Dunn Bing: and all the stuff you are collecting is brought here?
[18:54] Relder Waco: yes
[18:55] Dunn Bing: but u dont earn anything just bringing things here
[18:56] You: It's true. But if we would bring money here… it would decay as well. Do you want to trash something?
[18:56] Dunn Bing: and see it fall apart……well…. i got a lot of freebie stuff.. I lost control about my inventory
[18:57] You: What do you mean…you lost control?
[18:57] Dunn Bing: i got way too much stuff.. and trash… I dont know what things might be useful and what is not.
[18:57] You: how come you don't throw it out?
[18:57] Relder Waco: That is easy to do - had to unload myself
[18:58] Dunn Bing: I will. One thing….this decay-thing.. what is that about?
[18:58] Relder Waco: that is the way things do in a dump
[18:58] You: It's a way to get rid of things. A slow good bye may be. But I am not sure.
[18:59] Dunn Bing: i still dont see why things are decaying…sorry about my english by the way.. ..terrible…. Why are you are collectiong trash… why dont u just keep all that stuff?
[19:00] Relder Waco: same difference
[19:01] You: You just said yourself, your inventory was overfilled…
[19:01] Dunn Bing: hehe…you will get your trash… dont worry :)
[19:01] Relder Waco: the dump will only hold so much
[19:01] Dunn Bing: let me ask u something…if I take some of this stuff and take it out of here will it stil decay?
[19:02] You: yes
[19:02] Dunn Bing: But the things i got at the moment are not decaying and they are freebies too.
[19:02] You: We attached a decay script to every single object on that dump. The freebie item does not come automatically with a decay script.
[19:03] Dunn Bing: i see. And if ppl offer u to buy things.. would u remove that script?
[19:04] You: You can remove it yourself. Just go into “content” and delete the decay script

Mike appears

[19:04] Relder Waco: hi mike
[19:04] Dunn Bing: another worker?
[19:04] You: may be.
[19:04] Dunn Bing: Ah. So that decay thing is to make sure that here is always enough space?
[19:05] You: yes…this way we are able to collect more…
[19:05] Dunn Bing: to be most realistic as possible?
[19:05] You: I don't know.
[19:05] Dunn Bing: time to empty my pockets. Lets see.

The first object Dunn drags to the ground is a motorbike.

[19:06] You: can I film you?
[19:06] Dunn Bing: film me? what for? what with?
[19:06] You: not only do we collect trash, but also pictures
[19:06] Dunn Bing: take a picture then
[19:06] You: thank you.
[19:06] Dunn Bing: your welcome =)

Lothar Apfelbaum goes one step closer and takes a picture of Dunn, while Dunn seems to get something else out of her inventory.

[19:07] Dunn Bing: hm, the object is still in my inventory but outside now as well
[19:08] You: where is it?
[19:08] Dunn Bing: that anti-grav-ship above u

Lothar looks up.

[19:08] You: wow, cool. Now, follow me, you can get the decay script here….

They go to the red cone. Dunn gets the script.

[19:08] You: got it? Now you can attach it to the ship and click “touch” then it will start decaying. Also, could you open the permissions…this way we can move it onto the “metal” heap.
[19:11] Dunn Bing: how do i attach the script to the ship. Just dragging it on?
[19:11] You: yes
[19:11] Dunn Bing: i did, but its not decaying yet
[19:12] You: that's true…because it's night…
[19:13] Dunn Bing: okay..
[19:13] You: it only decays when the sun is up…The decaying process became overwhelming, so we had to slow it down a little bit.
[19:13] Dunn Bing: What to do with the ship in my inventory? simply delete it?
[19:13] Relder Waco: yes
[19:13] You: hm…I guess, if you are ready to part with it.
[19:14] Dunn Bing: i gave it into your hands =)
[19:14] You: If you regret it, you can come back here before the sun comes up and get it back
[19:14] Dunn Bing: no, it couldnt have a better place
[19:14] You: see, that's what the decay script does…now you answered the “why”.

The dumpster a few hours earlier in an overhead shot.

[19:14] Dunn Bing: The decay process is damaging the ship, right?
[19:15] You: yes
[19:15] Dunn Bing: so.. if i come back later.. it might no longer be able to fly.. right? Or is it just the outer appearance?
[19:15] You: you can still fly on a damaged ship for a little while. I tried that before. It looks like you are part of an explosion.
[19:16] Dunn Bing: :D
[19:16] You: Still, can you open the permissions on the ship…? “Allow anybody to copy, anybody to modify…“
[19:17] Dunn Bing: and recreate it? You guys seem to be quiet advanced in building and scripting..
[19:17] You: not in building… just in taking things apart

Dunn jumps on her motorbike and cruises around the dumpster
Lothar and Relder are watching her.

[19:18] You: wow Relder did you see that?
[19:18] Relder Waco: yup - got one my self - but have not rode it that much

After doing a few rounds, Dunn jumps off the bike

[19:18] You: wow that looked cool
[19:19] Dunn Bing: its fun =) But not that lady-like
[19:19] You: who knows, may be you are not a lady
[19:19] Dunn Bing: may be. :D
[19:19] You: here comes Relder in his trash truck

Relder Waco smoothly stirs his trash truck through the dumpster. After only a few days he seems to be much more in control over the navigation of the truck. He must have practiced a lot.

[19:20] Dunn Bing: his own build?
[19:20] You: Yes, I think so
[19:20] Relder Waco: yes
[19:20] Dunn Bing: thats what i meant. You can build whatever u want and even script it.
[19:22] You: well, with the decay script there was a growing script available… we just modified it. Did you attach the decay script to the motorbike yet? [19:22] Dunn Bing: not yet
[19:22] You: If you could write any kind of script, what would you like to script?
[19:22] Dunn Bing: what i would like to script..?..hm… i'd like to create minigames
[19:22] You: what kind of mini games?
[19:23] Dunn Bing: like playing tennis, or like walking on a line…i dont know. Any kind of games. You could start contests like olympic games.
[19:24] You: that sounds great
[19:24] Dunn Bing: oh! i'd like to script a jonglage.. is that an existing word?^^
[19:24] You: jonglage?
[19:24] Dunn Bing: when you are throwing 3 or more balls in the air, catching them and throwing up again
[19:25] You: juggeling?
[19:25] Dunn Bing: yes
[19:25] You: Relder, could you script a juggeling?
[19:25] Dunn Bing: that would be awesome!
[19:25] Relder Waco: I think so -
[19:25] Dunn Bing: even with sticks, maybe burning ones?
[19:25] Relder Waco: still learning all the sintexs for here. Will see what i can come up with, altho building is my best thing

Relder changes into his dragon outfit. In the background is Mike.

[19:26] Dunn Bing: building? Your dragon dress is your own build?
[19:27] Relder Waco: yes
[19:27] Dunn Bing: uhm.. im gettin jeaolous…See my tatoo on my back? That is the only thing i managed to create myself yet
[19:27] Relder Waco: looks good

Everybody takes another close up look at Dunn's tatoo.

[19:28] You: Hey I was looking at that tatoo earlier. That's super cool
[19:28] Relder Waco: great job
[19:28] You: I could never do something like that.
[19:28] Dunn Bing: dont say that.. that was easy…u could do that in minutes, but it took me hours
[19:28] You: no, I told you, I can only take things apart. Relder is good in creating…
[19:29] Dunn Bing: If u create things here you dont have to pay to upload.. right?
[19:29] Relder Waco: right - still need to upload some textures ect. but if you build it your self here no $
[19:29] You: I never tried to upload anything from the outside world…there is enough stuff in here for me.
[19:30] Dunn Bing: yes.. but i had to upload that tatoo.. had to dance like 30minutes for the fee.. -.- Where do u get ur money from?
[19:31] You: I have 0 dollars.
[19:31] Relder Waco: I am a premium member and get 300 each week
[19:31] Dunn Bing: ahh.. i see..
[19:31] Relder Waco: hope to get some land next week then mabe sell some things
[19:32] Dunn Bing: need to pay ur shop a visit =)
[19:32] You: yeah, me too. May be I can sell some scrap parts out of the back!
[19:32] Relder Waco: yup - hard to find the land I want - out there in the middle of nowhere- to crowded here
[19:33] Dunn Bing: hm.. yes..
[19:33] You: If you want to open a shop… it should be a little crowded. Whom would you sell your stuff to otherwise?
[19:33] Relder Waco: the search will show it -
[19:34] You: that's true… it's not about the “real” location anymore

Relder Waco, Dunn Bing and Lothar Apfelbaum are talking about “location”. While Lothar stands close to the two of them, he is actually kind of far away, watching the scene (including himself in his red evening dress) through his camera eye.

[19:34] Dunn Bing: huh? it says i can not create the object because the parcel “sl dumpster” is full
[19:34] You: yeah, that happens. Linden Lab Control. There is a limit to everything. But now the sun is coming up and the decay process will start again. So if you wait around a little bit space will become available again.

Dunn doesn't seem to be a girl that waits around. Instead she jumps in her airship, and flies right into a pile of trash on fire. The airship gets stuck.

[19:36] Dunn Bing: i got stuck
[19:37] You: mh….
[19:37] Dunn Bing: can u come in too?
[19:37] You: how can I help you, if I am in there? Let me jump on the wings, may be that wiggles it out.

Lothar jumps on the wings. The airship moves forward high speed. Lothar falls on the ground. Then Dunn falls out of the airship. The airship gets stuck in another pile of trash.

[19:39] You: you looked great in there, especially with the fire.
[19:39] Dunn Bing: thank you :D
[19:39] You: Sorry you got stuck in that trash
[19:39] Dunn Bing: There are not many places in SL where you can use ur own things
[19:39] You: come here, if you want to try out something, it's a public dump…under the condition that you attach and activate the decay script before you leave it here
[19:40] Dunn Bing: how do i activate it?
[19:40] You: click “touch” after you drag the script on the object
[19:41] Dunn Bing: lets give it a try
[19:41] You: ok
[19:41] Dunn Bing: weird car anyway

Dunn places a car. Lothar has dumped that car already 3 times. It's a very popular car in SL. The structure of the car does not make any sense. But the wheels look impressive. May be that's why that car is so popular. Or may be that's why it's in every freebie box. Because nobody wants it.

[19:42] You: can you open the permissions… this way I can distort it a bit
[19:43] Dunn Bing: like this?
[19:43] You: yes, great. Now, click on “unlink” parts and take the thing apart
[19:45] Dunn Bing: im just moving the whole thing
[19:46] You: You have to check “Edit linked parts”. Did you do that?
[19:46] Dunn Bing: no.. wait a sec..
[19:47] Relder Waco: what you trying to do?
[19:47] Dunn Bing: i want to take things apart…like.. just a wheel..
[19:48] Relder Waco: ok - do a edit then click the edit let me look
[19:49] You: Did you “check” “edit linked parts”?
[19:49] Dunn Bing: just found it. It's working =)
[19:49] You: you got it!
[19:50] Dunn Bing: thank u guys =).

Dunn detaches the wheels and piles them up on top of each other.

[19:50] Dunn Bing: Could u script it now, so that the upper wheel starts rolling and the others follow?
[19:51] You: I have a spin script. I am going to drag it onto you…so you can do it yourself.

Lothar gives Dunn the spin script.

[19:52] Dunn Bing: thanks =)
[19:53] Relder Waco: go for it

Dunn goes for it.

[19:53] Dunn Bing: When I'm attaching the script, it still shows the complete car, not just one wheel
[19:53] You: try to drag it onto the wheel directly. See what it does
[19:54] Dunn Bing: wow, its turning! But not the way it should :D. Can u fasten it up?

The whole car and the piled up wheels are turning around a center.

[19:54] Relder Waco: you will need to make the wheels a object of there own
[19:54] Dunn Bing: Can you make glow particles fly out? This would be perfect for a teleport platform =). You are becoming faster and faster… and then you are gone
[19:56] You: this thing looks amazing
[19:56] Dunn Bing: yeah :D

In addition to the spin script, Dunn has attached her new sparkling script to one of the tires.

[19:56] You: if there would be one… you would win the dumpster prize
[19:56] Dunn Bing: thanks :D. Okay. How can i seperate the wheel from the platform?
[19:57] Relder Waco: you need to unlink the platform then - link the wheels
[19:58] Dunn Bing: it worked =)
[19:59] You: cool
[19:59] Dunn Bing: look at that! =)
[19:59] Relder Waco: kool
[20:00] You: sorry to be so demanding… but now it's it's own object.. you have to attach an extra decay script to it
[20:00] Dunn Bing: oh.. yes.. sure..On all the wheels?
[20:00] You: did you unlink them all?
[20:01] Dunn Bing: i klicked the wheels and got the whole thing. Then I klicked “unlink” and got them seperated
[20:01] You: yes, they are all separate… so attach a decay script to each one. Thank you! This was really fun! I have to leave now….but hopefully will see you again some day in case you need to get rid of more trash
[20:03] Dunn Bing: or just want to play aorund…One more thing…those scripts…where do get those, if you are not able to make them yourself, like me.
[20:04] You: they are in the “content” of the objects I find at freebie places… or in the objects other avatars leave here. Just search around. You can not copy all of them, but many.
[20:04] Dunn Bing: copie them. cool, you were rly rly helpfull =)
[20:06] You: See you
[20:06] You shout: bye Relder…see you soon
[20:06] Dunn Bing: see you =)
[20:06] Relder Waco: later - happy new year

Lothar is just about to press his “quit button” when Jesster Doobie arrives. Jesster holds a cup of coffee in his hand from which he takes a sip every 2 seconds.

[20:06] Jesster Doobie: you mind if i look around?
[20:07] Relder Waco: help yourself
[20:07] I am just about to leave. You can replace me. If you have questions, ask Dunn, she knows everything.
[20:07] Dunn Bing: i'll do my best to answer u
[20:07] Jesster Doobie: the decay isnt related to analog synths by any chance?
[20:07] Dunn Bing: Relder..


Earlier that day Theechapel Pastorelli stopped by complaining about a lack of communication, as he had security concerns about some of the waste he wanted to leave on the dumpster.

He had left a couple of messages on the dumpster's answering machine, which no one had checked in a couple of days. His issues are interesting as to what harm can be done by trash left the dump. At least 2 observers are recording the dumpster site, but are passive to all events happening. The latest software update shows the land as being unsafe and potentially harmful.

[8:28] Theechapel Pastorelli: Hello owner
[8:29] You: Hello, I am part owner, it is a shared environment
[8:29] You: aren't you part owner, too?
[8:30] You: did you drop your toxic waste yet?
[8:31] Theechapel Pastorelli: Yes… I had to remove it … It must be secured at all times … Security is important because if it got into the wrong hands… Well… There could be trouble.
[8:32] You: I can see that, but don't you think waste is waste and of no ones interest anymore?
[8:33] Theechapel Pastorelli: No… Toxic waste of the nature I had brought could be used as a weapon… It must be secured
[8:33] You: i think there are ways of disabling anything toxic so it decays “peacefully”
[8:34] Theechapel Pastorelli: Peacefully is great!…. I like that…. Do you receive my messages I left on the answering machine?
[8:35] You: oh, last time i checked, I didn't see it, but will do so in a minute.

[8:35] Answering Machine v2: You have 13 messages:
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 1: Tempo Strom said, 'Message from eteam: leave your dump here, but make it editable for everyone!'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 2: Tempo Strom said, 'what?'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 3: Relder Waco said, 'test beep'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 4: Camera Blinker said, 'I am camera blinker'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 6: Relder Waco said, 'Hey!'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 7: Canadensis Yellowjacket said, 'Hi! Canadensis Yellowjacket here - aka the electric archaeologist - i've left you my favourite hat and walking stick as tokens of my appreciation for what you're doing here. Ciao!\'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 8: Theechapel Pastorelli said, 'security needs to be addressed'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 9: Theechapel Pastorelli said, 'Is this the only communication available when no one is here?'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 10: Theechapel Pastorelli said, 'Message is for the head over parrott… Where are you?'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 11: Theechapel Pastorelli said, 'I'll be back to talk to the owner about security issues. Has anyone seen the head over parrott?'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 12: Theechapel Pastorelli said, 'I HAVE LEFT SEVERAL MESSAGES … DOES ANYONE RECEIVE THEM?… HOW CAN ONE COMMUNICATE HERE?… OR CAN ONE?'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 13: Theechapel Pastorelli said, 'THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE OWNER… COMMUNICATION IS MISSING'
[8:35] Answering Machine v2: 14: Relder Waco said, 'ok got the dump rocket controls done - still need to finish rocket'

[8:36] Theechapel Pastorelli: same here
[8:36] You: ok, received your message, i'll adress it
[8:37] Theechapel Pastorelli: I'll be back… I must go for now… I've been here several times before …I think undetected.
[8:39] You: ok, i see, you have been captured by the 2 camera persons, but they won't interfere, as we try to keep the space open so everyone, no matter where from, what background etc can leave and take anything.
[8:40] Theechapel Pastorelli: Thanks for the info. I saw the cameras but didn't know they were working.
[8:40] You: some of them are, some don't, isn't that the way security works?
[8:42] Theechapel Pastorelli: True… I'll return and we'll talk more about the toxic waste that must be disposed of. Disposed of in a peaceful manner. thank you
[8:43] You: That's great, I look forward to it. It is always of great pleasure to meet you.
[8:43] Theechapel Pastorelli is Offline
[8:52] Elephant: :!
[8:55] You: Medium

In order to provide a retreat from the work and other dumpster activities on the ground, Relder Waco invited Dunn Bing and Tempo Strom for a sky-ride. Once we all sat on the I-beam, Relder changed its vertical location and we went all with it. - Like in an elevator, just more instantaneous. Once we arrived at the set altitude, it felt like sitting on an I-beam of a skyscraper construction - except without all the construction supporting the beam.

from left to right: Relder Waco, Tempo Strom, and Dunn Bing 300 m. above the dumpster, looking east


Days are bright, nights are dark and very condensed, because time consuming routines such as sleeping, traveling from A to B, eating, sleeping, commuting are avoidable and therefore non-existent. To be eventful and memorable, each day only needs three hours, the night comes and goes within 60 minutes. For some reason the moon full each night, probably insisting on his Union rights before he goes on stage: “Am I on? When I am on, I am on. Everyone else is given full exposure, everything is evenly lit, why should I show up as a sick sickle? I am not going out there, doing my show so people can fall asleep. That's a waste of energy. Give me that spot light, I am there to be seen. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”
Or, may be it's the opposite. The moon is full because it (he, she - what is this moon?) feels guilty, feels it has to make up for being permanently in a rush, constantly running in time lapse, skipping time zones and sleeping patterns, stealing everyones time to relax or feel depressed at least.
Fortunately, there is a button for everything. Luckily there is a “fading option” that increases the amount of warm, orange pixels, when the sun goes down and midnight is still 10 minutes away.

The golden light effect almost enforces a break, during which it seems appropriate to engage in personal, heartfelt activities. Romantically motivated by pure, melancholic thoughts and a spontaneous commitment to become as quickly and deeply engaged as possible, the avatar sits down on a plywood box and drags a flat, black disk out of the inventory. In the center of the disc is a hole. “Remember records?” says the hole. A slow rotating script starts to automatically spin the disc in midair and the computer-sung midi version of the melody begins to play.

By default, or at least after the first 4 lines, the melody has reached it's full capacity to intensify the moment with an emotional effectiveness which, if this was a movie for example, could be compared to a midnight scene at an isolated gas station where two huckleberry friends are about to shovel humble spoons of dry milk powder in each other's styro-foam coffee cups to express their feelings.

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end–
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

“It's good that I am only an avatar”, thinks the avatar. “Otherwise this would be so clichee…”


We arrived and walked around, recorded the things that had changed in comparison to the day before.

The long part of the blue platform, on which Dunn Bing had made a little fashion show presenting the first outfit she built herself, was now using only 0.482928% of the space it had originally covered. In about 10 minutes the object will be completely decayed, gone forever.

A naturalized alien avatar looks at the remains of the stage set.

Another relict from the fashion show are two decaying spheres on which the surface texture of the world is still rotating, showing all the different continents of the earth. Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The decay process has so much advanced already, that the world appears to be round from the front and flat from the side. That's how it must have looked from outer space, when the planet was considered to be a disc.

side view of the flat world

Meanwhile, on the north side of the dumpster a lot of domestic things are decaying.

parts from a gazebo, a metal bench, a Le Courbusier Sofa, a floral rug with bark texture….

parts from a cottage, decaying at different speeds

in addition to the trash objects identified above…more unidentified trash parts


More regular visitors, workers, and strangers are starting to use the dumpster for activities that go beyond discarding unwanted materials. For a few “builders”, the dumpster has become the place, where one can talk about: How stuff works.
“Look what I did!” - “Cool, how did you do that?” seems to be one of the most common conversation starters.

Susi Vacano looking at the second parrot that decays midair at the dumpster. The bird is stiff already.

Susi Vacano next to Relder Waco, who is building a conveyor belt that will transport trash from one place to another.

Relder Waco is testing which of the available geometric building blocks, called “primitives” work best for putting together a conveyor belt.

Susi Vacano slowly starts to memorize the names and shapes of the primitives: Cube, Prism, Cylinder, Sphere, Torus, Tube, Ring

While watching Relder, Susi Vacano wonders: how would one build a coffee mug? A tube, a flat sphere for the bottom and half a torus for the handle?


A conversation about what the dumpster could be, was coincidentally recorded by one of the camera men today.


A busy day at the dumpster, plenty of objects were left today by different visitors. It is unclear why some days are busier than others, but that's how it is. The prim limit was reached and we had to delete some of the objects which were left without the decay script in order to make room for new trash to come.

One of the visitors was Enzi Raymaker who had left some assemblages of pool tables on the first visit and returned to leave some more.


ebiii Mayo had read on a Japanese blog about the dumpster which recommended a visit. Once arrived, ebiii left a meticulously crafted cake, but without applying the decay script.
Luckily, on ebiii's next visit (today) we were around to help and explain the process of getting the decay script. The conversation we had was translated live through SL at least in our direction from Japanese to English. The transcript of the conversation can be found here.


Dunn Bing was here again and showed us her new sword which didn't allow for shrinking due to minimum restrictions on objects within SL.

We found a script which allowed for shrinking, but it was still tedious as it had to be done over and over again.

Jan.18,2008 10:00 a.m.

Because it is relatively easy to landscape and build, the appearance of the neighborhood around the dumpster changes almost as fast as the dumpster itself.

facing east, an aerial view of the dumpster

looking to the neighbor's property on the south side

Neighbor Kerliar Allen. Lists about self: mostly harmless, living in a dream, feeling like alice in wonderland, bekky, friends, deep dive, confused mind, floating free, goth cow, wandering around, wondering, being happy, being bored, feeling confused…

Neighboring property to the north-west

Property to the east owned by Caligula Kondor


Jan.18,2008 10:00 p.m.

Relder Waco continued working on his trash conveyor/elevator, he is into the night shifts, so the best time to meet him is in the evenings.

When MystressAnna Lovenkraft arrived to take a look around the dumpster, a motorcycle had just gotten stuck in Relder's conveyor.

While Relder was working to fix this problem, MystressAnna Lovenkraft dumped a big mechanical machine in the SE corner of the dump, right in front of our neighbors newly erected chain of mountains.

[21:17] You: hello mystresAnna
[21:17] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: Hi Tempo
[21:17] You: sorry mustressAnna
[21:17] You: misspelled your name
[21:18] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: I wont hold it against you this time
[21:18] You: Thanks, if you have trash in your trash bin, just leave it here it will decay and disappear.
[21:19] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: I was just think about puting out sometime..
[21:20] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: are you makeing a crusher?
[21:20] You: Relder is working on one
[21:21] Relder Waco: hummm keeps loosing the ph setting, - strange the decay script must be turning off the physical
[21:25] You: yes it does

[21:35] You: Hi MystressAnna did you have a look around?
[21:36] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: yeah and left some dumped some stuff
[21:36] You: great!
[21:36] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: I hope I did the script right
[21:36] You: that's easy
[21:36] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: yeah in each object
[21:37] You: cool, so it starts decaying individually, - did you touch it?
[21:37] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: No, does that start it?
[21:37] You: yes
[21:37] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: Oh
[21:37] You: but once the script is in everyone can start it
[21:38] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: I'll go do it
[21:38] You: thanks
[21:40] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: you should check it out before it goes away
[21:40] You: ok, where is it
[21:40] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: over there

We go back to the side where she had dropped her item, a huge machine with turning wheels and interlocking gears.

[21:41] You: that machine?
[21:41] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: it already breaking down
[21:41] You: I see it, let me take a photo of it before it is gone

Meanwhile Relder is working his trash conveyor

[21:41] Relder Waco: load
[21:41] Relder Waco: back
[21:41] Relder Waco: cup
[21:42] Relder Waco: cdown

[21:43] You: did you build it?
[21:43] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: Yeah
[21:44] You: does it do something?
[21:44] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: No thats is what it does
[21:45] You: did you make your outfit, too?
[21:46] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: only the hair

Relder starts operating his Dragon for Whooter Walworth in the background

[21:46] Dragon Works Dragon Flight: All Go
[21:46] Relder Waco: like my new outfit?
[21:46] Whooter Walworth: wow cool..:)

[21:46] You: does it move when you walk?
[21:46] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: it is flexi but it's so short it is fitting
[21:47] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: sorry looking at the dragon behind you

Susi Vacano arrives on the site

[21:48] Whooter Walworth: Hey!
[21:48] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: lets get a better look
[21:48] Susi Vacano: Whooter

[21:50] You: can one touch the machine or does it crunch someone?
[21:51] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: you can sit on it and go for a ride but thats about it
[21:51] You: can i go for a ride?
[21:51] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: yeah sit on the big wheel
[21:52] There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
[21:52] You: it wouldn't let me
[21:52] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: like this
[21:53] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: oh No
[21:53] You: good jump
[21:53] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: just in time
[21:53] You: yes
[21:53] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: I almost got oily

[21:53] Dragon Works Dragon Flight: All Go

[21:53] You: i didn't know what to do - i would have helped - at least tried
[21:54] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: it's ok I have done it before
[21:54] You: i'll try it next time
[21:55] MystressAnna Lovenkraft: well you guys have fun

That's when the fun started. Whooter Walworth took Susi Vacano for a ride in his pedal powered car, Sanjen Destiny stood around trying to talk to Camera Camel and Tempo Strom exercised knock-knees.


Today when we arrived at the Dumpster site, we found it covered with gambling machines by Rodenbach Oyen. When we sent him an IM, asking him to apply the decay script, he returned right away and started taking his machines off.
- insert L$5 to start the game -
We thought the machines he had left were some sort of tetris inspired slot machines, but whenever we referred to his machines as slot machines he got angry.

[10:50] Rodenbach Oyen: hi
[10:50] You: hi rodenbach
[10:50] Rodenbach Oyen: i take off all
[10:51] You: i don't mind if you leave them as long as you apply the decay script
[10:51] You: you got a nice outfit btw
[10:51] Rodenbach Oyen: you are nice stange too
[10:52] You: thanks
[10:52] You: did you develop the game yourself?
[10:52] Rodenbach Oyen: no is corto maltese creation, but i could give you a free pack for free during one month, so you could test it, or put on your land
[10:53] You: that's fine, what does it do?
[10:53] Rodenbach Oyen: is lok like a tetris game, follow me to see the preview
He had already cleared out 4 machines he had placed in the NE part of the dumpster. We followed him to the area where there were still 4 more standing. He had pretty much covered the dumpster with his machines when we arrived.
[10:54] Rodenbach Oyen: 3 same color is 10 points is a big montly pot all grid includ
[10:54] You: are you playing it right now?
[10:54] Rodenbach Oyen: no is a demo game so the player could learn it
[10:55] You: so it just moves on its own?
[10:55] Rodenbach Oyen: you could play for 5 liden you put the pieces where you want
[10:56] You: so its a demo you have to pay for?
[10:56] Rodenbach Oyen: no the demo is for show the game when you plaid is a true party game look i make a party
[10:56] SLEGO Solo v1.36 (Trial till end of Feb): The game is starting Rodenbach Oyen
[10:59] You: i am not clear on what you are doing, are you moving the tiles to get them in a row?
[10:59] Rodenbach Oyen: i try to make a 3 same colors or more
[10:59] Rodenbach Oyen: look the red
[10:59] Rodenbach Oyen: look the blue
[11:00] Rodenbach Oyen: the pink in center

We didn't get it, the parts were moving on their own. There is no visible grabbing in second life except for a white line which sometimes indicates that an object is being edited.
The images are giving an idea of what it looked like, but even looking at them repeatedly we can't figure out what to do. So we are loosers and as such its too risky to even invest L$5.

[11:00] You: where did you get that extra pink from?
[11:00] Rodenbach Oyen: extra come from when you more than tree, imagine the green one and you make a double horizontal and vertical
[11:01] You: yes, but are you taking the green one from the board?
[11:01] Rodenbach Oyen: under ths score arrive the pieces on you put it on the small board
[11:02] You: so that's where chance comes in as i don't know which color will come up next?

[11:03] Rodenbach Oyen: no is a suprise no preview with the next one
[11:03] Rodenbach Oyen: is just you feeling and you luck
[11:03] You: ok, i see
[11:03] You: like a slot machine
[11:03] Rodenbach Oyen: not realy we have the agreement of liden lab for this game because if you don't put correclty you piece you can't win
[11:04] You: but you can loose, right?
[11:04] Rodenbach Oyen: of course is a game
[11:05] You: so it is more like gambling than like gaming?
What a stupid question to ask, but to refer back to the Linden's as a quotable reference was a funny response from his side.
[11:06] Rodenbach Oyen: wait, i looking for the terme linden lab use to determine the king of game is
[11:06] Rodenbach Oyen: Zara Linden: it's clearly a skill game
[11:07] You: but what are the skills? in blackjack i might have skills, too? I can count so that's a skill
[11:07] Rodenbach Oyen: yes but in balck jack in the rule you are not the autorisation to count
[11:08] You: but that's what i do in my head
[11:08] Rodenbach Oyen: hum is not good
[11:08] You: what are you looking for?
[11:09] Rodenbach Oyen: i clear your place of my machine
[11:09] You: however you like it is your choice to leave them here with the decay script
[11:09] Rodenbach Oyen: yes i prefe to give you a pack and you became the owner if you whant
[11:10] You: why not, i can then apply the script myself
[11:11] Rodenbach Oyen: i don't know if is possible is no modif
[11:11] You: i had that happen before don't worry, thanks for trying, so
[11:11] Rodenbach Oyen gave you SLEGO Solo 1.36 January trial pack.
[11:11] Rodenbach Oyen: i am no worry
[11:12] You: i just got it, let's see if it works
[11:12] Rodenbach Oyen: you could use until end feb 80 % go back to the player and 20 % for you
[11:12] You: that's almost like with slot machines there 92% go to the player and the rest is for you
[11:13] Rodenbach Oyen: grrrrrrrrrr is not a slot machine
[11:13] You: haha i know you would say that
[11:13] SLEGO Solo v1.36 (Trial till end of Feb) 1: Free memory Slego News & Dialogs 6797
[11:13] SLEGO Solo v1.36 (Trial till end of Feb) 1: Free memory Slego Game 6182
[11:14] 'SLEGO Solo v1.36 (Trial till end of Feb) 1', an object owned by 'you', located in Fearzom at 204.0, 22.1,69.3, has been denied permission to: Take Linden dollars (L$) from you.
That was strange, when we placed the copy of his machine on the dump, it requested permission to take L$ from us. May we ask how many? - No way!
[11:14] You: i can't apply the decay script it is no mod
[11:14] Rodenbach Oyen: but you are the onwner of the land
[11:15] You: right, but i have not full permissions for the object
[11:15] Rodenbach Oyen: of course
[11:15] You: i can't mod it
[11:15] Rodenbach Oyen: but you could put our object with out the script you are the boss
[11:15] You: that was prevented by SL even so it is my land i can not attach a script to an object, i don't have modify rights to, too bad so no machines will work here
[11:17] Rodenbach Oyen: we don't want to have broke machine after modification by onwer
[11:17] You: hmmm i wouldn't want to mod the machine, just apply the decay script
[11:17] Rodenbach Oyen: you not but everybody may be
[11:17] You: that might be true but in my case i or whoever the rightful owner is has to apply the script
[11:18] Rodenbach Oyen: now you have the pack you could use it have fun with
[11:18] You: Thanks
[11:18] Rodenbach Oyen: is my pleasur
[11:18] You: step by when you are around
[11:19] Rodenbach Oyen: hum yes i do that very happy to see a so nice strange av
[11:19] You: my pleasure

Too bad we forgot to ask him why he got here in the first place and what he thought this would be. We try to make it obvious and state everywhere the function of the dumpster, maybe he was just interested in places where he could leave his machines. - To start a new game on a dumpster where you put things you want to throw away might not be a good indicator for the success of the game.


The map shows how scattered the objects on the dumpster are in comparison to the properties located around it. The image is a “satellite image snapshot” which is being updated every once in a while ( we should find out how often).
The dumpster sits to the left of “Passionkiller” and its rectangle is further defined by the two green dots (the 2 camera men).

Katie26 Adamczyk (who wouldn't stop dancing) and ADAMA Kawashima had a stroll over the dump today and left some objects. One was a container full of popcorn and an almost invisible object we only found when we accidentally ran into it. The popcorn might not have tasted good and the invisible object might have been an old glass window. But who knows, it's all guesswork.
[21:05] Katie26 Adamczyk: hi adam
[21:05] ADAMA Kawashima: Hello
[21:05] Katie26 Adamczyk: its sl dumpster

Simultaneously a huge car crash happened and UPS, DHL and USPS trucks were piled up high.


During a routine flight up, we discovered that ChuckLoc Halcali had parked his spaceship somewhere up in the air above the dump. As there is no decay script applied to it, we weren't sure how to proceed. Is it parked or dumped?
It was more obvious with the snakes Opensource Obscure had left, as those were nicely decaying when we arrived.
Answering Machine v2: 18: Opensource Obscure said, 'this is cool, thanks Tempo !'
Thank you Opensource for applying the script.


from left to right: Relder Waco


Today Dunn Bing had given us a tree house and asked us if we could place it on the dump as she can't plant any trees. It was a huge tree house on a tall tree, overlooking all neighboring parcels - and the trash below.
The trash left currently is predominantly packaging waste from visitors changing their appearance and leaving the boxes behind. So the dumpster turns into a showcase of the current fashion trends in SL.

Thinking of all these boxes and who has left them for what reason and how their owners might have looked before they put on their new fashion, requires a meditation tent. A meditation is just a click away in case Dunn Bing is around and can pull a meditation tent out of her inventory. Music starts playing, stars start sparkling and the mind starts flowing like an avatar floating on a sphere.



looking east the dumpster looks colorful

The NW corner of the dumspter is filled with decaying $100 Dollar bills. Times are bad for the Dollar, but who would have thought that they are so bad.

Today's exchange rate: (US Dollar-USD 1=0.6797 Euro-Euro)

Today's exchange rate for Linden Dollars:
Rates are in L$ per US$1.00. Volume and quantities are in L$.
Open Rate:265
Close Rate: 267
Volume: 71,931,480
Min Rate: 265
Avg Rate: 268.83
Max Rate: 276
Min Qty: 1
Avg Qty: 8,254
Max Qty: 2,300,000


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