May3, 2008

Since one month, so many visitors have visited the dumpster that the visitor counter went out of service. Put itself to waste on the dump. The last time working, the list returned about 150 individuals passing by and possibly dumping something. This amount of traffic and the resulting waste made the list of trash objects grow out of proportion. It gets even trickier as some trash is dumped with the script and decays before we can actually record its former existence. So we are looking into more efficient ways of archiving and tracking the trashed items.

Many times dumpers show up in teams or groups, which is an understandable security measure for illegal dumping. One is observing and securing the surroundings, while the other disposes of the trash. Recently Xanadusue Masatada and gallace Ecksol left plenty of clothing and clothing boxes on the West side of the dumpster. Close to the area where our new neighbors have planted their garden. - So much for privacy and secret dumping in secondlife.

No matter what time it is, it always rains on those plants. Still they don't grow. Instead they popped up from one day to another.
The row house complex bordering the south side of the dumpster is still a ghost mall with empty rooms through which a framed view on the dumpster is possible.

Parts of their view on the dumpster is currently obstructed by a large wooden box Luna Weintraub has dropped right there, in front of some of the windows.

May10, 2008

Recently we didn't have that many encounters on the dumpster, mostly due to our irregular visits add odd times (if those exist in SL). We see many traces of Relder Waco and Whooter Walworth lying around. Relder is usually piling up stuff below his trash conveyor (which is actually fun to operate as it makes sounds and creates great heaps of trash) while Whooter is still into vehicles and leaves all kinds of transportation devices.
But what dominates the dumpster are large boxes, mostly for clothing or lingerie.

While walking between those boxes, wondering about the circumstances why and when they had been left here, a voice from somewhere said “hi”. Not knowing where it came from and trying to find the person behind the voice, we looked around and returned “hi” when a little person in a grey dress showed up.

[19:18] Lezzlie23 George: hi
[19:18] You: hi
[19:18] Lezzlie23 George: you hab a dumpster
[19:19] You: sure, why not?
[19:19] Lezzlie23 George: Hi! ^-^
[19:19] You: where did you come from
[19:19] Lezzlie23 George: i tped heres
[19:19] Lezzlie23 George: i serached
[19:20] You: what did you search for?
[19:20] Lezzlie23 George: dumpster
[19:20] You: why do you need a dumpster?
[19:20] Lezzlie23 George: ims homeless
[19:20] Lezzlie23 George: wells if i cants b heres
[19:20] Lezzlie23 George: ill lebe
[19:20] You: so the dumpster can be your home?
[19:21] Lezzlie23 George: a dumpster
[19:21] Lezzlie23 George: bwut i cans lebe
[19:21] You: hmmm your speaking a language I don't really understand
[19:21] Lezzlie23 George: ims 6 (sl)
[19:21] Lezzlie23 George: bye
[19:22] You: bye

The encounter only lasted for about 4 minutes, which probably wasn't enough time to understand each other. Admittedly we are not the most versed ppl in spkn chat txt :), ^-^
If Lezzlie23 needs a place to stay, the dumpster can provide a place for everyone without a home. There is enough material and space to build shelter from the neighbors rain and to create a private space.
It might get noisy from time to time, one reason for the noise might be one of our neighbors, Tad Little when he drives around in his batmobile.

The question is if the batmobile is dumped or if it is parked on the dumpster. As it is a neighbor, at least judging by his membership in the CX industries group (the one owning and operating the deserted mall along the southwest side of the dumpster), it might be just parked there. - Have you ever tried parking your car on a dumpster?

May15, 2008

The dumpster starts or continues to look like a dumpster. Things appear and disappear, some with and some without the decay script.

Sachie Blade had left an unfinished house for decay and soon after it was gone, Jolie Wisent showed up and went through a lot of boxes and wings at the spot where the house had been shortly before she arrived. As none of her objects had the decay script applied and because we are always curious to speak to trash originators, we approached her asking her what she was doing.
14:04] You: Hello Jolly
[14:05] You: Did you dump all these things?
[14:05] Jolly Wisent: no, there were already a lot of things
[14:05] You: oh i know that's the idea here, but if you leave something you should apply the decay script so things can decay
[14:06] Jolly Wisent: okay thanks
[14:06] You: good have fun
[14:06] Jolly Wisent: ty

That's where we left her, the wings and all boxes are still there and nothing is decaying as of yet adding to the deadlock of dumpster space until we run out of prims again. Currently the dumpster has 15prims left after ConductorX Nieuport who owns the mall on our southside dropped his business waste on the dumpster.

This business adds to the speculation of why and what is behind the thriving economy of secondlife. Recently we had seen our neighbors (or what we assumed would be them) holding a business meeting on the roof of their mall.

The view from a roof is much nicer than from an inside space and you can get the perspective you need to make long lasting business decisions. We had experienced this when we did our sky ride tour 2 month ago.

There is a certain satisfaction to just be able to throw your trash out of your window, it is the best way to say “I don't care”. To throw it into your neighbors property is even better, as you get rid of your problem and you get the extra satisfaction to see how your neighbor deals with it. If no one deals with it there, good, you are entitled to add more to it, as no one cares. The only problem would be, that the trash heap gets greater and might impose an annoyance at one point, but it also constantly proves how clean and nice your place looks in comparison.
Whooter Walworth is more specific in his trash, it almost always is transportation related.

But this time he additionally added an actual trash collection

Some like Whooter Walworth are dumping very consciously. Corcosman Voom dropped a rotating morphing object titled “Pink and Black” but described it as “Dumpster Junque” and left it right next to one of ConductorX Nieuport dumped business ideas.

Khitten Kurka had left a generic default wooden object filled with trashed objects seemingly getting rid of her inventory. Putting them in a box might have allowed her to dump it all at once, as the box only required 1 prim. - So she found a way around the few prims currently available.

May20, 2008

Today we had to dive underneath the surface of the dumpster. We had done this a couple of times before to check in on the spill.
The spill being waste that submerges, it can be anything and by default objects are designed to stay on the surface of SL. But sometimes objects manage to get below. We hadn't been thinking of this anymore, as the dumpster site was keeping the balance with always at least 40prims available for disposal.
But lately we ran out of prims faster than usual. It was almost by accident that we discovered the cause while we were walking around on the south side of the dumpster. At various points, a message popped up, inviting and welcoming us to the mall which sits right next to the dumpster, wasting space while we were wasting prims. After a couple of these greetings without any visible signs of an object emitting these messages, we decided to check below the surface and there it was, another piece of ConductorX Nieuport dumped businesses. Removing this hidden trash revealed more. There was a huge amount of prim waste going on below ground. - What's the point of underground waste where you can't see or experience it?

Since a while the dumpster had gotten more animal waste, we had noticed their bodies before, but the animals were always covered by other objects or boxes. Now they stood out a little more and we were able to take some pictures of them

A cow and a crocodile, only separated by a box full of tattoos. EaChiLib Beerbaum who had left these animals did leave a lot of other things, too. Teacups, and a strange object called “evil wall”.
We are not sure what it is, but we had to touch it.
When we touched it, only an error message popped up, so maybe it is no longer evil.

May22, 2008

We arrived, looked around and then moved the camera in front of our face in order to see ourselves from the front. We had forgotten how we looked like, specifically how generically we looked like. Then, while we walked towards East, something extremely familiar caught our attention at our neighbor's site. White boxes with red ribbons followed by a colorful spill of small objects with magnetic power. We felt drawn to the clutter on the empty, flat, green, gray surface lawn and walked over.

Our dumpster had extended. An avatar called chokl8dlite Gartenberg had left the evidence. We followed the spill, started sniffing the track like a trained dog. Was this a territory issue? What was our trash doing on our neighbor's land. Was it “our” trash? Would the neighbor's be annoyed?

There were no other garbage items in close proximity that confused the indications of how this avatar had moved around while unpacking freebie boxes. The trace was laid out simple, pure and beautiful, probably unconsciously. The trash track felt existential, or at least natural. When a deer walks through the snow it has to leave a track. When a snail moves over a leaf it creates a slime trail. When a miner beetle eats it's way through the epidermal layers of a leaf it leaves hollow channels. When an avatar comes home from shopping it produces a trash spill.

chokl8dlite Gartenberg had unpacked and left mostly hair pieces on our neighbor's land. Hair pieces usually consist of many individual building blocks (prims), so chokl8dlite had probably ventured onto the neighbor's lawn simply because there was more space available.

Dumped hair pieces have a strange aura around them. If you look at them as “wigs” then the hairpiece is a product that was designed and built in a specific form for a specific purpose. When it's out of fashion it gets discarded like every other consumer item.

If you think of them as “avatar's hair” then wouldn't you wonder: Where is the head that grew those pigtails? Why is the hair removed from the head, and how was it removed? For what purpose? Why are there boxes on dumpsters full with avatar's hair?

May22, 2008

Later that day, when we returned, new trash was placed at the East side.

The object on the left, named “junk” was created by Corcosman Voom and owned by him as well. Now it belonged to the dump. The object to the right, called “junkerss” was also created, owned and discarded by Corcosman Voom. Both had the decay script attached.

May26, 2008

“Do you know how much space all the pictures and videos we took of the dump take up on my computer?”
“It's crazy. It's like a landfill on my machine. There is almost no space left.”
“You did not realize that yet?”
“I thought that's why we did it.”
“The dumpster.”

May30, 2008

We arrived and changed our outfit. Finally. After wearing the same freebie shirt and blue jeans for almost a month we opened another box and put on what was in there. Some brown workers pants, a glitter shirt and some black boots. We attached a red “I am loved pin” and edited our body appearance. We became as tall as we could and doubled our body fat.

Then we spotted some tall metal columns and checked who had left those. His name was ConductorX Nieuport. What he had typed into his profile box read like an obituary:

Wars Fought, Revolutions Started, Competitors Assasinated, Uprisings Quelled, Manure, Floating Crap Games, Bars Emptied, Midwife, Expert Spear Thrower, Fly Swatters, Dynamite, Used Lingerie, Machine Guns, Call Girls, Locks Picked, Orgies Organized, Dragon Slayer, Babies Conceived, Tigers Tamed

We copied his profile into a Text Edit window and tried to enhance the description stylistically, but couldn't. Just strictly following the pattern (noun then descriptive verb in past tense, noun then descriptive verb in past tense….) seemed boring. And besides that we did not know anything about this avatar. Still, we wanted to ask him: Why did you put “Manure” in there? “Manure what?”

May31, 2008

After arrival CX's reply popped up:

ConductorX Nieuport: (Saved Fri May 30 17:50:59 2008) Susi, I don't know what is going on. I am not leaving stuff in your dumpster. I am finding objects rezzed on my property that are from my inventory but that I did not rezz.

Susi Vaccano sends back an IM reply:

CX, that's strange. May be there is an invisible magnet floating around that pulls things out of the inventory. What kind of objects do rezz by themselves? Are there certain kinds?

Then Maebee Tomorrow appeared. She looked cool.

[9:27] You: hi
[9:27] Maebee Tomorrow: Hi Susi :)
[9:27] You: how are you?
[9:27] Maebee Tomorrow: I'm good TY
[9:27] Maebee Tomorrow: how are you?
[9:27] You: I just arrived.
[9:27] Maebee Tomorrow: what new to SL?
[9:28] You: I am working here at the dumpster, so I am looking for new trash..
[9:28] Maebee Tomorrow: oh right
[9:28] Maebee Tomorrow: I must have loads in my inventory :)
[9:28] You: dump some
[9:29] Maebee Tomorrow: yes.. need to organise it … especially the doubles that's why i took a notecard
[9:29] You: can I take a picture of you?
[9:29] Maebee Tomorrow: ok if u want
[9:29] You: thanks….

[9:29] Maebee Tomorrow: can I ask why?
[9:29] You: I am documenting the dumpster activities…to keep a record
[9:29] Maebee Tomorrow: ok cool
[9:30] You: If you don't mind I post it on the dumpster log
[9:30] Maebee Tomorrow: LOL ok sounds fine
[9:30] You: If you put trash out… the only thing we ask is that you attach the decay script
[9:31] Maebee Tomorrow: that's just what I'm looking for now. need to read thru and see whats what
[9:32] You: no rush…
[9:32] Maebee Tomorrow: :)
[9:32] You: if you need help with anything just ask… I am around
[9:32] Maebee Tomorrow: thank you
[9:34] Maebee Tomorrow: I have to go now but I will come back another time … have a go at dumping some stuff :))
[9:35] You: ok, nice to meet you…
[9:35] Maebee Tomorrow: nice to meet you too Susi

Since Maebee Tomorrow had been acting loyal to the meaning of her name, for today it was better to not rely on her disposals. We therefore dumped some trash ourselves and took some pictures of it.

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